A Coca-Cola retailer with CCEP Indonesia & PNG president director Kadir Gunduz and CCEP Indonesia marketing director Lakshman Peiris. (Photo Courtesy of CCEP Indonesia)

Coca-Cola Announces New Loyalty App for B2B Customers


MAY 29, 2021

Jakarta. Beverage giant Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia, or CCEP Indonesia, has recently announced a new loyalty app to serve its B2B partners.

Dubbed as "Klik Toko", the app enables the B2B partners to collect points and earn rewards for distributing Coca-Cola products. B2B partners can also monitor the latest updates on CCEP Indonesia via the app.


According to CCEP Indonesia & PNG president director Kadir Gunduz, Klik Toko is part of the company's strategy to be in touch with even the smallest retailers, particularly amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as customers can access the app at the palm of their hands.

"We want to make sure our products and loyalty programs reach even the smallest customers. [...] With Klik Toko, we are expecting all customers that are served directly or indirectly can have real-time information on our programs," Kadir told an online conference on Friday.

CCEP Indonesia is also aware of the challenges of launching an app in Indonesia, with the country's rural areas still lacking a reliable internet connection. Another challenge is that some retailers may not be tech-savvy to operate an app.

In response, the beverage firm will continue to make full use of its already established network.

"Klik Toko is a complementary tool in addition to our already established distribution network system that encompasses 350 official distributors, 30,000 wholesalers across the country," Kadir said.

"In rural areas with relatively lower internet or smartphone penetration, we will be using the existing network to reach the customers."  

In its initial phase, CCEP Indonesia is targeting outlets with Coca-Cola coolers to download Klik Toko.

"We are reaching 400,000 customers through our distribution network. Out of these customers, we have placed more than 300,000 coolers in the market. Our first target is to get all outlets that are using our coolers to download the app," CCEP Indonesia marketing director Lakshman Peiris said.  

"As we add more features into the app, we want to expand it further in Indonesia," he added.

Klik Toko is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.