Digital Shopping in Raja Teknologi Store


MAY 13, 2015

Jakarta, 4 May 2015, In order to expand its wings in Indonesia’s electricity industry, PT. Total InproMultitechhas designed a new store with unique show room concept namely Raja Teknologi. In this store, customers are offered a new model of shopping experience which is digital shopping.A tablet and a widescreen television are provided as a digital catalogue to find automation and electrical solutions they needed. This concept is the first and best in the electronic shopping center, Lindeteves Trade Center, Glodok, Central Jakarta. The Store is ready to officially open upon Thursday, May 7, 2015. In this grand opening ceremony, demonstration of latest products supplied by Raja Teknologiwill be conducted as well.

Raja Teknologi tries to give an unforgettable exclusive sense to its customers while shopping in. As slightly described above, a tablet is provided for customers as a digital catalogue that enables them to browse over and pick their automation and/or electrical solutionsneeded. The advancement offered by Raja Teknologi does not stop there.

The digital cataloguewhich is in tablet form isconnected to a widescreen television that allows customers identify various types of Raja Teknologi’s products more clearly and easily on a larger-scale screen.

In continuous commitment to presenta service with excellence forits customers, Raja Teknologi also preparestechnicians on service in store for charge-free consultancy. This service is given with the aim to help customers understand what they truly needed and looking for. Besides, in anticipation of the ‘new-era’ prospective customers who hasrelatively high mobility and are very closely to current technology’s advancementin digital activities through mobile phone, tablet, or other gadgets, Raja Teknologi provides a website;, whereas accessing, browsing and purchasing activitities could bedone via online. This facility isalso supportedby several financial institutions which are in cooperation with Raja Teknologifor payment systems to offer the best transaction’s solution for the customers.

This newshow room’s concept-store offered by Raja Teknologi is a form of business’sexpansion of PT.Total Inpro Multitech as a realizationof its commitment to reach out diverse market’s segment. The opening of this showroom-store concept specifically has an objective to scopethe retail market , in the act of supportfromPT . Total Inpro Multitech as the authorized distributor,to Schneider Indonesia. Withsuch an excellence achievements as The Best Schneider Electric Indonesia System Integrator for two consecutive years(2013-2014), PT . Total Inpro Multitech beliefs that this business has a brightfuture and capableto meet the demand of Indonesia’s competitive marketwhich rising aggressively.