Bambang Mustari Sadino, a legendary businessman in Indonesia known widely by his nick Bob Sadino, passed away on Monday at 76-years-old. (Screen shot of BeritaSatu TV news footage)

Eccentric Kem Chicks Business Guru Bob Sadino Passes Away at Age 76


JANUARY 20, 2015

Jakarta. Bambang Mustari Sadino, an off-beat businessman popularly known in Indonesia by his nickname, Bob Sadino, died of an undisclosed illness on Monday evening at age 76.

Sandiaga Uno, founder of Saratoga Group and a close friend, confirmed Bob had died at South Jakarta’s Pondok Indah Hospital after a two-week-long stay.

“I did get confirmation from his family,” Sandiaga told the Jakarta Globe.

Bob’s health had reportedly been in decline since last July, following the death of his wife of over 40 years, Soelami Soejoed.

Born March 9, 1939 in Lampung, Bob earned his fame through an unorthodox success story that traced his renown as a livestock businessman across several decades of odd jobs.

Young Bob wasn’t poor. He was the only inheritor of his family’s fortune, but he decided to spend it all traveling to see other parts of the world and work in Europe.

Bob, a university dropout, came back to Indonesia in the 1970s to start his family, but found it was tough to earn a living.

He had a unique style, wearing shorts everywhere he went — including when he met former presidents Suharto and Megawati Soekarnoputri.

He worked several odd jobs, including renting out his car and being an illegal taxi driver, until one day the car broke down and he ran out of money to fix it.

His supported his family on just a Rp 100 a day (1 cent at the time), earned while working in construction.

Bob’s success came when he found Indonesians weren’t consuming much chicken or eggs from animals kept in cages; free-range products dominated the market.

With the help of a friend who imported day-old chickens, he embarked on an unorthodox strategy of door-to-door marketing until factory-raised chicken and eggs began to boom in Indonesia.

In addition to his family, Bob leaves behind a legacy of gourmet supermarket Kem Chicks, meat producer Kem Foods and agricultural firm Kem Farms.

Bob Sadino