Tailors at a sewing house in Jakarta. (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Lingga)

Exabytes Launches 'Website for All' Campaign to Digitalize SMEs and Non-Commercial Sector


DECEMBER 09, 2019

Jakarta. Exabytes, a Malaysian-based hosting provider, has launched "Website Untuk Semua," or "Website for All," a new campaign to bring small and medium enterprises and the non-commercial sector in Indonesia to the digital age.

In 2020, Exabytes Indonesia will provide incentives of up until Rp 15 million ($1,000) in the form of free hosting and domain services, for SMEs that join the program, for two years. It will also provide web design services as well as mentoring and assistance.

Unlike its previous program in 2017, Website Untuk Semua is also available to organizations in the non-commercial sector who want to digitalize their operations.

Exabytes aims to help grow the digital economy ecosystem in Indonesia and prepare it for Industry 4.0. The main targets of its campaign are small businesses and organizations with no digital presence and very little knowledge of digitalization.

Their mentoring is expected to teach small businesses and organizations to maintain their digital presence independently.

“We want to provide more than just infrastructural support. We particularly want to make sure our mentoring can give them the basic knowledge on running and maintaining a website," Exabytes Indonesia's country manager Indra Hartawan told the Jakarta Globe.

The new campaign is an improvement from GROW, their previous program in 2017.

Since mentoring was not part of the program that year, the small businesses that took part were not able to maintain their websites once the program ended.

During GROW, Exabytes Indonesia invested around Rp 2.4 billion to digitalize the operations of 5,000 SMEs across the country.

Leading Digital Player

Hailing from Malaysia, Exabytes first entered the Indonesian market in 2016, providing web hosting, domain registration, VPS and digital marketing services.

Recently, responding to demand, it has also launched a web design service.

Established in Malaysia in 2001, the company now has branches in Singapore and Indonesia. It is the leading player in Malaysia with support from the government, and is also one of the top three companies in its industry in Singapore.

In Indonesia, the company is among the top five in its field, and currently has 130 employees from a total of 400 employees across the region.

Exabytes' data centers are located in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Indonesia. To maintain its data center here, Exabytes partners with Cyberindo Aditama (CBN), a leading tech company in Indonesia.

Exabytes has also acquired a similar local company called Masterweb and currently has 9,300 active customers, 50 percent of which are SMEs.