Abdul Kadir Damanik, left, Emilia Suhaimi, Dian Rachmawan, I Wayan Dipta, Tri Gunadi test the high-speed internet provided by Telkom's Wi-Fi Corner 2.0. (Photo courtesy of Telkom)

Telkom Introduces Wi-Fi Corner 2.0 and Wi-Fi Station, Expands Internet Access


DECEMBER 30, 2017

Jakarta. In today's digital age, every business initiative requires an internet connection.

In order to expand broadband internet connectivity to all corners of the country and empower owners of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), state-controlled telecommunication company Telkom Indonesia on Thursday (28/12) introduced Wi-Fi internet-based fiber optic network services Wi-Fi Corner 2.0 (WiCo 2.0) and Wi-Fi Station.

The launch of WiCo 2.0 and Wi-Fi Station, which took place at SME Tower of the Smesco (Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives) building in South Jakarta, was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, including secretary general Agus Muharram, deputy for production and marketing I Wayan Dipta, deputy for business restructuring Abdul Kadir Damanik, as well as Smesco president director Emilia Suhaimi, Telkom director of enterprise and business service Dian Rachmawan, Telkom executive vice president of business services Tri Gunadi.

Smesco is an agency under the ministry to promote local products made by small and medium enterprises.

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses were also present during the launch.

According to Dian, WiCo 2.0 is part of Telkom's efforts in developing Indonesian entrepreneurship, fostering independent business owners and contributing to the nation's economic progress.

"WiCo 2.0 breaks new ground for business owners in Indonesia, we at Telkom aim to create opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to enter the digital market. Through WiCo 2.0, we can help conventional cafe business owners rejuvenate their business and facilitate entry for household businesses into the digital market. We apply the revenue-sharing pattern for WiCo 2.0 business owners," Dian said.

WiCo 2.0 is one of Telkom's efforts in inviting the community to jointly develop Indonesia's economic independence.

After the launching of WiCo 2.0, Dian introduced the Wi-Fi Station service at Empirica Café & Lounge at Jakarta's SCBD business district.

The Wi-Fi Station launching event was attended by representatives of various businesses, including schools, campuses, restaurants, trade centers and government offices.

The service provides super-fast Wi-Fi access at very affordable prices

"Along with developments in the digital world, the need to work collaboratively, co-creation, becomes a necessity. The Wi-Fi Station service allows anyone to be more productive and creative, to work anywhere, without internet access limitations," said Dian.

WiCo 2.0 and Wi-Fi Station services are part of Telkom Group's commitment to develop Indonesia's digital community.

"In this digital era, fast and stable internet has become a fundamental business necessity. Therefore, choosing the right business partner to provide internet services becomes a crucial decision in business development. WiCo 2.0 and Wi-Fi Station are efforts to develop the digital community of Indonesia, in line with the government's vision to make Indonesia the largest digital economic power in Southeast Asia," Dian said.

The WiFi Corner 2.0: New Concept of Digital Internet Cafes

In recent years, Telkom has successfully implemented WiFi.id Corner (WiCo) services in various cities as a means of internet education for the public. WiFi.Id corner would generally be located at Plasa Telkom and other public spots.

Telkom's success in providing telecommunications services has created a business landscape for the community to increase their income. In the next step, Telkom intends to expand the reach of WiFi.id Corner by involving micro, small and medium enterprises in running Cafe 2.0 for the Wi-Fi Everywhere and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs.

WiCo 2.0 is a public WiFi.id service by Telkom in collaboration with business owners who provide space and sell WiFi.id vouchers to internet users. With WiCo 2.0, SME owners can easily develop new business opportunities through the sale of WiFi.id vouchers.

WiCo 2.0 also invites home businesses to participate and flourish online.

The registration and management process of WiCo 2.0 services are simplified and can be accessed through mobile apps downloadable from Google Play and the App Store by searching "MyWiCo."

"The presence of WiCo 2.0 through digital apps is expected to facilitate the owners of SMEs in developing their businesses and increase Indonesia’s competitiveness in the global market, " Dian said.

Wi-Fi Station — Telkom's Answer to BYOD

Wi-Fi Station service is meant for realizing the "Wi-Fi everywhere and Bring Your Own Device" campaigns in public places such as schools, campuses, shops, co-working spaces, public spaces, restaurants and cafes.

In addition to offering high-speed internet packages up to 100 Mbps through 100 percent fiber-optic telecommunication networks, the Wi-Fi Station service has the added value of fostering positive relations with business owners.

It has many valuable features: the Login ID Customization feature provides added security to internet connections; the Welcome Page Customization feature allows businesses to create a brand image of their business; the Customer Profiling feature improves customer engagement. These enriched features will be developed continuously, in accordance with the needs of Wi-Fi Station users.

By providing a fast and stable internet service, Wi-Fi Station will improve employee productivity and the business's image.

"Through Wi-Fi Station, Telkom is determined to position itself as the best Indonesian Wi-Fi managed service provider," Dian said.