Finance Ministry to Hire More Tax Experts, Raise Paychecks

FEBRUARY 23, 2015

An Indonesian employee holds rupiah notes at a store in Jakarta,on Dec. 16, 2014. (EPA Photo/Adi Weda)

Jakarta. The Finance Ministry completed drafting last week two presidential decrees that would allow them to hire expert staff and increase current officers’ paychecks, which the ministry claimed were necessary to improve its capability and incentives to pursue higher tax revenue.

The first draft focused on hiring three ministerial special staff members and adding the number of directors in the tax office to handle international taxation, said the ministry’s adviser for organization, bureaucracy, and information technology division Susiwijono Moegiarso on Friday.

The draft also regulates development of personnel resources, management strategies, and internal compliance, Susiwijono said.

The second draft regulates monthly performance benefits. Remuneration will be distributed among officers in line with their achievement in terms of tax revenue in the previous year.

“The tax office will receive an additional Rp 100 million [$7 million] more per month,” Susiwijono said, for more than 30,000 of its employees.

The two drafts would be submitted this week to the state secretariat for approval by President Joko Widodo. The government is targeting Rp 1,484 trillion ($117 billion) in taxation — including tax and excise revenue this year — up 30 percent from last year’s Rp 1,143 trillion.

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