IDEAL is an Indonesian startup company providing financial technology services. (JG Screenshot)

Fintech Startup IDEAL Digitizes Mortgage Application Process


JUNE 25, 2022

Jakarta. IDEAL, a startup company providing financial technology services, has launched a digital mortgage service aggregator platform seeking to simplify the house financing process for Indonesian millennials and Gen-Z. 

This platform is designed to help prospective buyers apply for loans for selected residences using the company's digital ecosystem. Prospective buyers will connect with various banks and property developers on a platform that offers mortgages.


Through this platform, prospective buyers can submit applications, collect documents, and verify data on a single platform instead of approaching mortgage providers one by one. 

"So, it's not just for one bank but various lenders and mortgage products all at once," Albert said.

The digital mortgage application platform was the first product presented by the company as a solution to overcome the complexity of the mortgage application process faced by typical buyers in Indonesia.

"The Covid-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia in the last two years has pushed digitalization in various sectors. The need to work from home or in a hybrid way encourages people to choose a comfortable and safe place to live," Albert Surjaudaja, IDEAL's co-founder and chief executive officer, said in a statement on Saturday. 

As a millennial, Albert admitted that he was confused by the complicated process of applying for a mortgage because he had to deal with various physical documents, visiting bank agents, struggling with uncertainty about application status, and many other administrative requirements.

"This does not include the burden of the installment payments. I am optimistic that IDEAL can optimize the mortgage loan process and ease the burden on prospective borrowers. We dream that one day applying for a mortgage will be as easy as ordering lunch via an app," Albert said.