Grab Refuses to Revise Code of Ethics After Suspending Drivers for Fraud


JULY 07, 2017

Jakarta. Online ride-hailing service Grab Indonesia refused to revise its code of ethics following demands from drivers recently suspended for fraud, a company executive said on Thursday (06/07).

"Account suspensions and code of ethics are, once again, meant to protect passengers and hundreds of thousands of driver partners who are working honestly every day," Grab Indonesia managing director Ridzki Kramadibrata told reporters in Jakarta.

Ridzki's comments come after more than 200 Grab drivers went on strike at the company's office in North Jakarta on June 27 and again on July 4. Demonstrators demanded that Grab unfreeze assets and revise its code of ethics so drivers wouldn't be accused of fraud in the future.

However, the suspended drivers, according to Ridzki, allegedly manipulated Grab Indonesia's ordering system at the expense of passengers and fellow Grab drivers.

"The partnership between drivers and Grab is something we strive to maintain on a daily basis," he said. "This is translated into an agreement between both parties through the code of ethics."

Some drivers even demanded that the company include them in revision process to Grab's code of ethics, according to

A meeting between partner drivers and Grab's senior management is scheduled for July 10, though changes to the company's code of ethics appear unlikely.

Grab, Go-Jek and Uber, Indonesia's largest ride-hailing services, each publish clearly articulated codes of ethics intended to ensure the safety of passengers and the fairness of competition between drivers.

Fraudulent practices, such as fake GPS systems that allow drivers to respond to queries located far away, are shunned by all three companies, as is any form of physical or sexual assault.

Iwanto, a Grab Car driver for two years, said many of his peers fail to understand the terms and conditions of employment with the company, in turn leading to actions Grab deems as fraudulent.

"Some drivers are not reading the rules well," he said.

Iwanto cited the company's incentive program during the Idul Fitri holiday, which guaranteed Grab Car drivers at least Rp 1 million per day ($75), saying many drivers believed they would be paid instantly.

A different driver partnered with Grab, however, told the Jakarta Globe that the company did not explain its regulations clearly.

"I did not sign any code of ethics when I joined," said the driver, who prefers to go unnamed. According to his own testimony, though, the driver recently received a warning from Grab, saying that he had breached a company regulation.

"The message only showed that I [...] breached the code of ethics, but I don't know which one, so how can I improve myself?" he said.

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