Online-based ride-hailing service Grab has started to impose fines on customers who cancel trip orders. (B1 Photo/Danung Arifin)

Grab Will Now Fine Customers Who Cancel Their Orders


JUNE 17, 2019

Jakarta. Online-based ride-hailing service Grab has started on Monday to impose fines on customers who cancel trip orders.

"Customers canceling rides will be charged as of June 17, 2019, to reduce the number of cancellations," Grab said in a notice posted on it mobile application, as quoted in by news agency Antara on Monday.

The decision to impose fines on customers was announced in March. Grab also adopted this policy in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Malaysia, the fine for canceling orders ranges from 3 ringgit to 5 ringgit (72 US cents to $1.20). Customers arriving late at predetermined pick-up points will also be fined. In Singapore, customers canceling orders more than five minutes after booking, or failing to show up at pick-up points, will be fined S$4 ($2.90).

There is no information yet on what the fines are in Indonesia, but based on those in the two neighboring countries, it would likely be between Rp 10,000 and Rp 41,000 (70 US cents to $2.80). 

Grab has provided customers with five tips to reduce cancellations, either by drivers or customers.

  1. Make sure you are ready to be picked up before you place an order. For example, do not place an order while you are still in an elevator, have yet to finish your coffee or meal, or are still shopping or getting dressed.
  2. Make sure you provide the correct pick-up point and destination.
  3. Only place the order once you are already at the pick-up point. "Although the waiting time may be 10 minutes, ensure that there is a pick-up point and that the vehicle would not have to stop for too long," it said.
  4. Add a message in GrabChat – the in-app messenger – stating your location and the outfit you are wearing to help drivers easily identify you.
  5. Use polite language, in Bahasa Indonesia, to avoid any misunderstandings.

"Let's appreciate the time and effort by the drivers to pick you up. Let's reduce the use of the cancel button together," Grab said.