GrabFood was a big hit during Ramadan. (Illustration courtesy of Grab Indonesia

GrabFood's Ramadan Favorites: Smashed Fried Chicken and Banana Fritters


JUNE 06, 2019

Jakarta. Ayam geprek, or smashed fried chicken mixed with a spicy chili sauce, banana fritters and bubble tea were the most ordered food items on GrabFood during Ramadan this year, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

GrabFood is an online food delivery service and part of the Grab App, operated by ride-hailing company Grab Indonesia.

According to the statement, many vendors on GrabFood received five times as many orders during Ramadan compared to normal months. 

GrabFood's new service GrabKitchen, launched in September last year, was a Ramadan hit. 

"Our customers like GrabKitchen because it offers more varieties of food and drinks to order and the delivery is quicker," the company said.

GrabKitchen has three locations in Jakarta – Kedoya in West Jakarta, Cideng and Kramat in Central Jakarta. Customers can order a wide variety of food and drinks from the service. 

"Bubble tea was an iftar favorite. Another most ordered item was ayam geprek," the company said.

Pisang goreng (banana fritter) was the most favorite Ramadan snack on GrabFood, followed by martabak, a sweet, thick, buttery pancake with chocolate, nuts and cheese fillings. 

According to Grab, most orders on GrabFood during Ramadan were made between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.