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Huawei, Telkomsel Conclude Joint HR Training Program 

18 Mar 2021 | 19:59 WIB
Huawei Asean Academy Engineering Institute in Jakarta.
Huawei Asean Academy Engineering Institute in Jakarta.

Jakarta. Huawei Indonesia, the local arm of Chinese tech giant Huawei, has completed training program for thousands of employees of state-run telecommunication company Telkomsel after around 16 months, the company announced on Thursday.

Through the collaborative program, Huawei Indonesia and Telkomsel organized multiple digital leadership workshops to discuss the trends, challenges, and strategies that need to be anticipated during this digital transformation era. 

By providing global leading cases, Huawei reinforces Telkomsel manager level to improve their digital leadership capabilities in multiple domains, including strategy leadership, business and technology trend, and organization transformation, Huawei said in a statement.

More than 2,000 talents from Telkomsel participated in the so-called incubation program. Since the MoU signing in November 2019, Huawei Indonesia and Telkomsel have been providing more than 200 leadership and digital technology trainings, including those on 5G-readiness, cloud computing, internet of thing, big data analytic, artificial intelligence, software-defined networking technology, network function virtualization, customer experience management and service and experience quality.


"We believe that our collaboration with Huawei is a milestone in Telkomsel's journey as we elevate our talent to the next level. Telkomsel has launched a number of strategies to transform every aspect of the company, including business portfolio, talent, and the operating model aimed to strengthen the company’s leadership in the digital ecosystem in Indonesia," Muharam Perbawamukti, Chief Human Capital Officer of Telkomsel, says.

“Recently, Telkomsel introduced a new corporate culture that focuses on uniting ways of working among talent during the transformation phase as well as to prepare them, as our transformation enablers, to be more future-ready during these unprecedented times. Therefore, we hope that our collaboration with Huawei Indonesia will elevate our talent and it might turn into a long-term collaboration that would open up more opportunities for our talent as we develop highly talented people in Indonesia,” he added.

This collaboration aims to strengthen Telkomsel's inclusive transformation as a leading digital company, including transforming its people, process, and technology. 

Steven Wang, a Huawei representative, said his company has become “a trusted, strategic partner of Telkomsel” and is committed to helping its Indonesian partner transform into a leading, world class digital company. 

“We see that human resources’ capabilities and competencies in digital technology field play a very critical role in accelerating the company’s great vision and mission. Therefore, we are very enthusiastic about building collaboration with Telkomsel in this digital talent development program,” he said.
Steven added that Huawei believes that opportunities, talents, technologies, and products are the main driving forces for enterprise development. 

“Opportunities drive talents, talents drive technologies, technologies drive products, and products drive more opportunities. This is a cycle,” Steven said, 

“Huawei Indonesia and Telkomsel will always stand together to grow together and tap more business opportunities in future,” Steven said.

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