Indonesia to Push Use of B20 Biodiesel Fuel Despite Less Efficiency

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

Jakarta. The Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry has finished a road trial for B20, a type of biodiesel containing 20 percent fatty acid methyl ether, that could pave the way for the government’s plan to have all diesel-engine vehicles use the fuel next year.

The trial concluded that B20 is 3.97 percent less efficient compared to existing diesel fuel and that it increases fuel consumption by up to 3 percent, said Dadan Kusdiana, the bioenergy director at the ministry, on Monday.

B20 also clogged the engine after 7,500 kilometers of use, but that can be fixed by changing the fuel filter, he said.

Heavy machinery would have an increase in zinc deposits in the engine after prolonged use of B20, and the ministry recommends producers to change parts of the machinery to contain less zinc, Dadan said.

The government does not consider the issues to be significant to cancel its plan to impose mandatory use of B20 in 2016, he said, and the government urged all vehicle producers to be prepared to follow any recommendation as a result of the trial.

“The ministry is not planning to continue the road trial, but there are several ATPMs [single agent brand holders] who would continue such a road trial,” said Dadan.

Investor Daily