Daniel Wong, the chairman of SRW&Co

Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs From SE Asia Receive AGLP Scholarships


DECEMBER 03, 2017

Jakarta. Southeast Asia-based management consulting firm SRW&Co has granted scholarships to two entrepreneurs, one from Thailand and the other from Laos, to participate in the company's flagship Asean Global Leadership Program next year, it said in a statement last week.

SRW&Co launched the leadership development program in 2009 in collaboration with leading global business schools and universities, such as the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business and the London Business School.

The company is collaborating with the Asean Business Advisory Council to offer a scholarship program to entrepreneurs it deems worthy. The scholarship, introduced in 2016, is part of the management consulting firm's corporate social responsibility program.

Next year's scholarships were awarded to Nasha Jungkangul and Sirina Sisombat Hervy, who will attend the weeklong leadership development program at the New York University Stern School of Business in April. Both entrepreneurs are recipients of the Asean Business Award, which spotlights small and medium enterprises in Southeast Asia that have the potential to become global economic players.

Jungkangkul, who won an award in the category SME Excellence for Growth, is the founder and owner of Kunna Groceries in Thailand. She is considered successful in growing her premium-grade healthy snack brand in the country's souvenir market.

Hervy, who won an award in the category Women Entrepreneurs, is managing director of Sinouk Coffee, a leading player in the coffee industry in Laos.

Their success stories are expected to inspire other women in the region.

"We are very pleased to award the scholarships to two very deserving applicants who had met the stringent assessment and selection criteria and standard through interviews," SRW&Co chairman Daniel Wong said in the statement.

"The two scholars had demonstrated the qualities and traits of visionary business entrepreneurship, and their commitment to grow their business beyond their home countries. More importantly, the scholars are committed to contribute to the entrepreneurial leadership development mission in the region," he said.

Jungkangkul said she is honored to receive the scholarship.

"I believe in order to keep moving forward, we need to keep learning new things each day in our lives and the AGLP will provide me the timely opportunity to improve my knowledge and share my experiences and learn from the world-class faculty, NYU Stern, and my peers in the class," she said.

Hervy, who has been running Sinouk Coffee jointly with her father, Sinouk, since 2014, said the AGLP comes in time to support her personal development in broadening her vision and improving her effectiveness as a leader in the company.

"The program at NYU Stern will allow me to interact and learn from the Stern faculty and senior leaders from Asean. It will be an inspiring experience for me and learning from others has always been my key motor to progress," she said.

They will participate in a short study program on the NYU Stern campus on April 16-20 next year. The programs are conducted annually in the United States and Britain, in collaboration with world-class business schools.

The AGLP has produced 350 alumni members, comprising senior leaders in the corporate and public sectors in member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).