Intibios founder Enggartiasto Lukita (left) and Yogyakarta Governor Sultan Hamengu Buwono X inaugurates Intibios Lab, Klink & Farmasi on Nov. 14, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of the Yogyakarta Provincial Government)

Intibios to Bolster Yogyakarta's Health Sector: Governor


NOVEMBER 16, 2022

Jakarta. Yogyakarta Governor Sultan Hamengku Buwono X on Monday inaugurated Intibios Lab, Klinik & Farmasi, which is expected to bolster the region’s health sector, particularly for its elderly population.

Attending the inauguration ceremony were Intibios founder Enggartiasto Lukita and the company’s president director Iman Pambagyo.

Intibios provides an integrated healthcare service comprising laboratory testing, clinical services, vaccinations, and pharmacy. 

According to Sri Sultan, the elderly represent 14.6 percent of Yogyakarta’s population, thereby causing a large demand for healthcare facilities.


“Intibios helps Yogyakarta meet its healthcare demand. Our citizens are very aware of their health, especially the elderly population," Sri Sultan said.

With a large pool of elderly population, Sri Sultan said that he hoped Intibios could make the elders a top priority. “By making sure that they do not wait too long, compared to those who are still young. Because they might have other illnesses that need further treatment,” he added.

And just like Intibios, any investment coming into Yogyakarta should provide benefits for its people, according to Sri Sultan.

“We do want to boost investment, but one that the Yogyakartans can benefit from. Not an investment that only benefits the shareholders. A medium-to-small investment involving many is better than a large investment of one that Yogyakartans cannot benefit from. It would help spur economic circulation as one of the investment contributions to the society," the governor said.

According to Enggar, Intibios first started out as a Covid-19 testing lab. However, it has now grown into also providing clinical services and pharmacy. People can also get a medical check-up at Intibios.

“Early detection is crucial, especially in Yogyakarta in which 14 percent of the population is the elderly. We will make the elders a priority,” Enggar said.

Intibios is open not only for the Yogyakartans but also for the tourists visiting Yogyakarta. The healthcare facility aims to strengthen Yogyakarta's economic recovery and tourism.

Intibios Lab, Klinik dan Farmasi also has operations in Jakarta, Karawang, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Bali.