Japanese telco giant NTT is investing $500 million to build its third data center in Indonesia. (B1 Photo)

Japan's NTT Invests $500m to Build Third Data Center in Indonesia


SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

Jakarta. Japanese telco giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone announced on Thursday a new $500 million investment to build its third data center in Indonesia.

The company, known as NTT, will build the new data center in Cikarang, West Java, and call it the "Jakarta 3 Data Center" (Jakarta3 DC). It plans to start operations in 2020. 

Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara said the project has the full support of the government.  

"Data storage and usage keep growing [in Indonesia]. I hope this data center, with its high performance and scalability, can help companies in Indonesia ensure data access speed and low latency," Rudiantara said. 

"It will also help companies meet their obligations to store and process data at a local data center so they can grow and stay competitive in the digital age," he said. 

Mizuho Tada, the president director of NTT Communications Indonesia, said demand for data centers in Indonesia continues to increase rapidly due to revisions to the 2012 Implementation of Electronic Transactions and Systems regulation.

Among others, it now requires company data centers and disaster recovery centers to be located in Indonesia.  

"Jakarta3 DC will become one of the largest data centers in Indonesia. We firmly believe it will meet the needs of customers who desire reliable and secure data centers," Mizuho said.

NTT customers can enjoy hybrid services from the new NTT data center, which provides closed networks or private cloud services as well as public cloud services.

Tadayuki Miyashita, the director of economic affairs at the Embassy of Japan, said NTT's investment in data center development in Indonesia illustrates the strong relations between the Japanese and Indonesian governments, which he hopes will continue in the future.