Brazil ambassador to Indonesia Rubem Antonio Correa Barbosa, third from left, Kadin Brazil committee chairman Anderson Tanoto, fourth from left, Kadin Chairman Rosan Perkasa Roeslani, fourth from right, And Kadin deputy chairman for international relations Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, third from right pose for photograph at a press conference to launch the Kadin Brazil committee in Jakarta. (JG Photo/Suksmajati Kumara)

Kadin Sets Up Committee to Boost Trade Ties Between Indonesia, Brazil

MAY 02, 2018

Jakarta. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or Kadin, has set up a special committee tasked with boosting trade relations with Brazil.

"The business relationship between Indonesia and Brazil is very promising; we both have a lot of untapped potential. The establishment of this committee will hopefully strengthen relations between the two countries," Kadin chairman Rosan Roeslani said during a press conference at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday (02/05).

He added that Kadin now has 10 bilateral committees.

The committee will serve as a bridge between Indonesia and Brazil to facilitate trade and help sustain a mutually beneficial relationship.

Anderson Tanoto, the youngest son of Indonesian tycoon Sukanto Tanoto, was appointed as chairman of the Brazil Committee. The Tanoto family owns a pulp and paper factory in Bahia, Brazil.

"We have palm oil and Brazil has soybean. It's very important for our two nations to transition into the new economy by intensifying our trade. Brazil has made serious efforts to stop deforestation and we're taking similar steps. We have much to learn from each other," Anderson said.

Anderson Tanoto, third from right, was appointed as chairman of Kadin's Brazil Committee. (Photo courtesy of RAPP)

Rubem Barbosa, Brazil's ambassador to Indonesia, said during his speech that the committee plans to expand beyond trade in the future.

"We hope to conclude documents facilitating Brazilians to come to Indonesia soon. Technical cooperation between the two countries, boosting agribusiness, environmental protection and technology transfers are also part of our long-term goals," Barbosa said.

The two countries have maintained amicable diplomatic relations since 1953 and Brazil is Indonesia's main trade destination in South America.

"Our countries have a lot in common, therefore we have a lot to learn and gain from each other, especially on sustainable development strategies, land management, agricultural automation and ways to increase productivity. We hope the newly established committee will enhance the relationship between our countries," said Shinta Kamdani, Kadin deputy chairwoman for international relations.