KoinWorks Announces Investment From Quona Capital


JANUARY 07, 2019

Jakarta. KoinWorks, an Indonesia-based peer-to-peer lending company announced in a statement on Monday that it has received an investment from Quona Capital, an international venture capital firm.

After reaching 100,000 investors on its platform, KoinWorks was entrusted by Quona Capital “to become the first 'responsible lending' firm in Indonesia and provide a positive impact on society.”


"We’re very happy we could collaborate with Quona as one of our investors," said Benedicto Haryono, chief executive and co-founder of KoinWorks

"With the inclusion of Quona among our line of investors, it will further help develop KoinWorks in becoming a responsible peer-to-peer lending firm and continue to innovate and provide a positive impact for society,” Benedicto said.

Quona Capital is an international venture capitalist that focuses on investing in fintech companies that it deems to have potential in facilitating access to financial products, and provides financial access in regions such as Latin America, Africa, the United Kingdom and Asia.

The collaboration between Quona Capital and KoinWorks is based on a mutual understanding that technology has a strong role in improving quality and access to financial access for those who are out of reach from traditional banks, according to the statement released by KoinWorks.

KoinWorks is one of the first fintech companies in Indonesia to receive a license from and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

KoinWorks is a P2P lending platform based in Indonesia, it bridges between investor and investee through its online platform and provides access to financial services for those out of reach from traditional banks.

The company focuses loans related to business and education. In 2017 the company won the “Most Innovative Fintech of the Year” award from Bisnis Indonesia.