President director of Lippo Cikarang Toto Bartholomeus poses on the sidelines of First Media's 7th 'NeXt Gen Experience' in Lippo Cikarang, West Java. (ID Photo/Emral)

Lippo Cikarang to Turn Industrial Township Into a Smart City


FEBRUARY 26, 2017

Cikarang. Lippo Cikarang, one of the biggest urban development companies in Indonesia, is seeking to turn its industrial township east of Jakarta into a smart city, its chief said.

Toto Bartholomeus, president director of  Lippo Group-owned Lippo Cikarang, said the company has been developing the city since the 1990s.

Initially, the focus was on the industrial and residential estates in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, about 30 kilometers east of Jakarta, but with increasing businesses activities, Lippo Cikarang started to develop public facilities to improve the living standard of those who work or live in the city, and to attract more investment.

"We are a township developer; 30 years ago, Lippo Group developed a township, built a city. What we do is not only about construction, but also creating a community. That's why we always need to improve our facilities," Toto said in an interview with the Jakarta Globe on the sidelines of  First Media's 7th "NeXt Gen Experience" in Lippo Cikarang.

First Media's 7th NeXt Gen Experience addressed especially to Lippo Cikarang's fast growing population. (ID Photo/Emral)

During "NeXt Gen Experience," a two-day tour in the township on Saturday (25/02) and Sunday, Lippo Cikarang's sister company First Media, the first provider of an integrated telecommunications and multimedia services in Indonesia, showcased its latest innovative services, addressed especially to the township's fast growing population.

Lippo has developed more than 14,000 housing units and registers a population of about 47,000, of whom 17,137 are expatriates living in the township that hosts 920 light manufacturing companies.

Toto said, Lippo Group's arms that provide internet and telecommunication services, including First Media and Internux, the operator of Bolt! 4G LTE, have been helping to deliver internet services to Lippo Cikarang's residents.

He added that those who live in the township can now enjoy a complete package of "smart living," thanks to First Media's innovations.

Among the innovations that were showcased during the tour by First Media, was the so-called Smart Living package, which makes use of high speed internet to offer customers integrated home security services.

The company also offers super fast internet (up to 1 gbps) from its subsidiary FastNet, 4k Ultra HD high definition television, First Media X, and "TV Anywhere: Live Streaming and Catch-Up TV" mobile app.

"An event like this, will be beneficial to the residents of Lippo Cikarang, as you can see, there are many enthusiastic potential buyers. The special offers given by First Media and Bolt! during this tour are really attractive. They offer their packages at affordable prices," Toto said.

On the other hand, for internet coverage in the township, Lippo Cikarang, joined hands with Internux to develop up to 10 base transceiver stations and seeks to build more to have internet connection available everywhere on the 3,000-hectare area.

The Lippo Group is developing a new apartment tower, part of Orange County on 322 hectares within the Lippo Cikarang township. (ID Photo/Emral)

Lippo Cikarang is currently developing a mixed-use 322-hectare property project. The project will need a total Rp 250 trillion ($18.8 billion) worth of investment to provide 32-in-1 facilities, including a shopping mall, apartments, offices, schools, hospitals, cinemas, hotels, a convention center and a university. The development is going to be complete in 20 years.

Also a series of government-initiated infrastructure projects will soon benefit the township's residents, including a Jakarta-Bandung bullet train, LRT service from Cawang to East Bekasi and Automated People Mover monorail that will connect seven industrial parks in Cikarang.

Lippo Cikarang has also integrated its shuttle bus services with a project initiated by the Greater Jakarta Transportation Body (BPTJ) to improve the quality of commuting to the capital city.

Lippo Cikarang and the Jakarta Globe are both affiliated with the Lippo Group.