The Tanabata Matsuri event at Citywalk Lippo Cikarang featured dance performances, games and live bands. (Photo courtesy of Lippo Cikarang)

Lippo Cikarang's Tanabata Matsuri Event Strengthens Cultural Ties Between Indonesia and Japan

JULY 10, 2019

Jakarta. Lippo Cikarang held Tanabata Matsuri on July 6-7, a collaborative event between Lippo Cikarang, the Cikarang Japan Club and Volunteer – a Japanese-Indonesian youth group – to strengthen ties between local communities and the growing community of Japanese expatriates living in the township. 

The Cikarang Japan Club already has a Japan Culture Center at Lippo Cikarang where Indonesians can learn about Japanese culture. Volunteer is a youth group comprising young Japanese and Indonesians who volunteered for the event.

Lippo Cikarang president director Simon Subiyanto said the township now has one of the largest Japanese communities in Cikarang thanks to its persistence to keep improving its facilities for both work and play. 

Lippo Cikarang also has an information center for the local Japanese community called the Japan Information Center, located at the Trivium Terrace Apartment. It functions as a communication hub for over 2000 Japanese citizens who live and work in Lippo Cikarang.

The opening of the Tanabata Matsuri was attended by Lippo Cikarang president director Simon Subiyanto, Japanese Ambassador Takeyama Kenichi, Japan External Trade Organization representative Suzuki Keishi, Kato Daisuke from Japan Foundation Jakarta, Tomizawa Yoichi from The Jakarta Japan Club and Tanaka Masaki from the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnership, among others.

The Tanabata Matsuri took over spaces at Citywalk Lippo Cikarang to celebrate the meeting of Japanese and Indonesian cultures with dance performances, games and live bands.