Lippo Mall Kemang, Lippo Group's flagship mall in South Jakarta, became the next stop for designer Anne Avantie's fashion show called 'Pasar Tiban' ('Tiban Market'), on Saturday (28/01).(Photo courtesy of Lippo Malls)

Lippo Mall Kemang Hosts Anne Avantie's 'Pasar Tiban' Fashion Show


JANUARY 31, 2017

Jakarta. Lippo Mall Kemang, Lippo Group's flagship mall in South Jakarta, became the next stop for designer Anne Avantie's fashion show called "Pasar Tiban" ("Tiban Market"), on Saturday (28/01).

Anne has toured Jakarta, Surabaya, and Tangerang to showcase her latest collection.

"I chose Kemang because it's a place where diverse cultures cross paths. It houses people of different ethnic groups and it is also a prime destination for foreign tourists," Anne said in a statement.

Each of the designer's fashion show carries different themes. The show held at Lippo Mall Kemang adopted a theme called "Jarit Gendong," referring to a piece of fabric Indonesian women use as an infant carrier in traditional Javanese culture.

However, Anne took the idea a step further and combined the fabric's Javanese roots with a touch of Chinese motifs.

"My current collection, which fuses Indonesian and Chinese cultures, is expected to present a new look to [represent] the diversity of Indonesian cultures," Anne, who has spent 27 years building her career in the fashion industry, said.

Among the models walking the runway were Indonesian celebrities such as Mona Ratuliu, Meisya Siregar, Novita Angie, and Ersa Mayori. Famed presenters Melaney Ricardo and Indra Bekti engaged the crowd throughout the show.

Lippo Mall Kemang incorporated Anne's fashion show in its Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, so the venue was embellished with Chinese-inspired decor, complete with a lion dance performance.