LKPP Launches Online Procurement in Four Regional Governments

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By : Sarah Yuniarni | on 3:27 PM June 18, 2016
Category : Business

Jakarta. The Services Procurement Policy Institution, or LKPP, along with Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia — an agency set up jointly by the Indonesian and US governments to support the two countries' partnership — launched its online procurement system, known as e-catalogue, for four regional administrations on Friday (17/6).

The system is now available for Gorontalo province, Semarang in Central Java, Yogyakarta and Badung district in Bali.

The e-catalogue has been developed by the government listing the goods and services online, while also providing buyers the full list of  prices, suppliers and contractors.

This system could help reduce corruption, which commonly occurred in the government tender system by marking up the prices for multiple times.

"The e-catalogue has to be quick, easy, and efficient. Our initial strategy is cooperating with business sector in the upstream, industrial, manufacturing, and others," LKPP head Agus Prabowo said.

He added that prior to the new scheme implementation, procurement took a longer time as the regional government needed to propose the procurement details to the central government before following it up to LKPP.

Now, the procurement system could speed up as the regional government having the freedom to select goods and services through the newly launched system.

The e-catalogue also become a pilot project for other regional governments, showing the sign of a breakthrough to support national program, encouraging other regional governments to implement the system.

Previously, LKPP has signed the MoU with the Jakarta Government to provide the goods and services in Jakarta area.

The e-catalogue is expected to open up opportunities for local business to contribute for the development in the area. In addition, it would enable the local production to boost the wider market.

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