chief executive Hadi Wenas, right, explains how to use the online zakat calculator and payment portal during the launch at the offices of the National Alms Agency (Baznas) in Central Jakarta on Wednesday (31/05). (Photo courtesy of, Baznas Launch Online Zakat Calculator and Payment Portal


JUNE 01, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesian e-commerce marketplace joined hands with the National Alms Agency, or Baznas, to set up an online calculator for zakat, or obligatory alms, and a portal for Muslims to easily pay their dues.

Hadi Wenas, chief executive of, and Alvin Aulia Akbar, the company's head of communications and partnerships, attended the launch ceremony in Central Jakarta on Wednesday (31/05), along with Arifin Purwakananta, director for national zakat collection, communications and information at Baznas.

It is compulsory during Ramadan for Muslims to pay zakat, which is calculated based on their wealth. The funds are distributed to the needy.

However, Baznas said it only collected Rp 5 trillion ($375 million) last year, which represents only 2 percent of the potential.

The digital calculator and payment system are intended to streamline the process of giving alms. Instead of having to go to a Baznas representative, people can now make their payments online.

"With the online calculator, and Baznas want the community to understand the importance of giving zakat. MatahariMall also seeks to support the creation of an easy, transparent and reliable payment system," Hadi said.

"By accessing the online zakat calculator, people can check the amount they must pay and track the distribution through Baznas," he added.

Arifin expressed optimism that the digital service would benefit the public, especially young people.

"I hope this cooperation between Baznas and will establish a new tradition of paying zakat seamlessly. I believe the younger generation will determine [the future of] many things, including zakat. Our cooperation to provide a digital service for zakat is an idea for the future. I am certain that it will be well received by the public," Arifin said.

People wishing to make online zakat payments can click on this link and follow the instructions.

After choosing the type of zakat, they will be required to furnish their personal information and provide details of their income, assets and debt, which are used to calculate the zakat amount.

Following that, the payment can be made by bank transfer or virtual account. Once the payment has been completed, the payer will receive an official receipt from Baznas via email.

Tracking the distribution of alms can be done by heading to the "Muzaki Corner" on the alms agency's official website.