President Director of Telkom Alex J. Sinaga (left) witnessed by Deputy of Mining Business, Strategic Industries and Media Fajar Harry Sampurno (center) and Vice Rector III of State University of Jakarta (UNJ) Achmad Sofyan Hanif (right) while conveying the contribution and role of SOE for national development to UNJ students Saturday (28/10).

Ministry of State Owned Enterprises Celebrates Youth Pledge Day at 28 Campus in Indonesia

OCTOBER 30, 2017

In order to commemorate the Youth Pledge Day, the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) organizes "SOE Goes To Campus" activities, simultaneously in 28 universities in Indonesia (28/10/2017). This activity is conducted to increase the understanding and awareness of the national economic condition and the role of SOE, and to increase the link and match between SOE and universities.

Through the theme of "Building Indonesian Economy with Justice", The Ministry of SOEs fielded echelon I officials of the Ministry of SOEs and directors of SOEs to discuss with the academic community and experts from the universities. The Ministry of SOEs regards academic community an important part of the nation's generation that is expected to change the nation of Indonesia to be better, fair, and prosperous.

SOE Minister Rini M. Soemarno said that the aim of the activity is to provide understanding to the academic community about the national economic conditions and the strategic role of SOEs in national economic development. This activity is also expected to bridge the synergy of SOEs with universities that have resources of professional resources.

SOE, continued Rini, was present at various campuses on October 28 to coincide with the Youth Pledge Day, as an encouragement and support of SOEs to young people to continue to strive for achievement. Thus, they will be able to continue the role of being a future leader with integrity, professionalism, and competence in both government and state-owned companies.

Rini asserted, it is time for SOE and the young generation of the nation's successor to provide energy and thoughts together to provide the best for the nation. At the same time SOE get the opportunity to prepare the young generation to become the best future leader of the nation in the future.

During 72 years of independent Indonesia, SOE are present for the country through its role as a development agent. Currently SOE products and services have been present and enjoyed widely by the community. SOEs continue to be the driving force and pillar of government in running national development priority programs. To improve the welfare of the community, SOEs are present through increased connectivity, infrastructure development, food security, and community empowerment.

In improving the public financial literacy and access to capital for micro, small and medium enterprises, SOEs extend their business to remote areas of the country. SOEs are also working hard to realize economic justice of the people of Eastern Indonesia, especially the people of Papua. This effort is presented by SOEs through BBM One Price Program and Cement and Foodstuff Prices. Meanwhile, to empower the community, SOE conducts development of 452 thousand Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and 1.6 million pre-prosperous mothers to be self-sufficient.

To support national connectivity, SOEs are accelerating the completion of 568 kilometers of toll roads in the period 2015-2019, the construction of airports and ports in various parts of Indonesia. Electrification ratios for the community also rose sharply to 93%, up 9% from the end of 2015.

These achievements cannot be separated from the role of SOE as an extension of the government to achieve the national strategic goals. SOEs work hard and synergize with all levels of society to accelerate implementation of targets launched by the government.

Ministry of SOEs at The State University of Jakarta (UNJ)

PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) and PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) had the opportunity to implement the SOE program at Campus at Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) by presenting speakers of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises Ministry of SOEs Fajar Harry Sampurno and Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga.

In his presentation, Deputy PISM Ministry of SOEs Fajar Harry Sampurno said that SOEs serve as agents of national development in all fields to answer the challenges of the nation's progress. "For 72 years of independence, Indonesia still faces challenges to move forward and develop from uneven development, energy and food security, basic infrastructure and industries, access to financial services, and human resources. Ministry of SOE as an agent of development role to answer the challenge and as a solution to accelerate national development in all fields, "said Fajar.

Fajar continued, SOEs alsosupport government programs and initiatives. "SOEs are also relied upon as a driver and pillar of government to run national development priority programs with ultimate goal to improve the welfare of all people in all areas of Indonesia without exception, ranging from sea toll, infrastructure, food security, to community empowerment in order to create an independent Indonesia , advanced,and prosperous, "said Fajar.

Meanwhile, Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga conveyed, to be able to optimize the role as a development agent, SOEs are alsosynergized through various programs of SOE Present for the State.

Alex added that The Ministry of SOEs are also committed to support the government's goal of realizing Indonesia as the country with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia in 2020. "Telkom has built a basic telecommunication network of digital technology in the form of fiber optic cable from Sabang to Merauke also from Indonesia to the region international to Western Europe and America. Telkom as SOE has built fiber optic fiber backbone network along 153 thousand km or 4x around the earth. Telkom through Telkomsel also built BTS as many as 152,191 BTS throughout Indonesia, "said Alex.

Not only to build the nation, SOEs also play a role in empowering the community. Through SOE Creative House, SOEs synergize to build a digital economic ecosystem in order to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs across Indonesia starting from providing various training related to product, business management and finance, to digital marketing training, including listing on e-commerce site shopping .com. As of September 2017, 14,891 MSMEs from various regions in Indonesia have been registered at

In addition, Telkom and SOE have also been present to support the improvement of village economy in tourism area of Borobudur Temple through the establishment of Village Economic Center (Balkondes). In the future, SOEs are expected to establish Balkondes in 9 other tourist destinations in accordance with the targeted government to support the progress of the national tourism sector.