Jakarta health department head Koesmedi Priharto (right), and Mitra Keluarga Director Francisca D. Permatasari (left) presented in a press coference on Monday, Sep 11, 2017. (B1 Photo/Joanito De Saojoao)

Mitra Keluarga Let Off With Light Warnings After Baby's Death, for Now


SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Jakarta. Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat, Indonesia's largest listed hospital operator, for now got away with light warnings over administrative mishaps that led to the death of a baby in one of its hospitals in West Jakarta.

The hospital operator, however, is still undergoing a medical audit by the Ministry of Health. It is also under criminal investigation, which can have a more severe impact.

Based on the ministry's recommendation, Jakarta's health department handed over a written warning to Mitra Keluarga on Friday (15/09) — the third most severe sanction a hospital operator can face after license revocation and fines.

A four-month baby, Debora, died at Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital early in the morning of Sept. 3, after spending more than six hours waiting to be transferred to another hospital.

Mitra Keluarga refused to admit the baby in its intensive care unit, because her parents could not pay in advance for the service. The hospital refused to accept the their universal insurance BPJS Kesehatan.

"By demanding the down payment, the hospital did not comply with regulations, especially on hospitals obligations [in an event of emergency]," Health Ministry spokesman Oscar Primadi said.

According to the 2009 Health Law, medical facilities must not ask for down payment in case of emergency. Breaching this rule will result in a Rp 200 million ($15.11) fine or two years' imprisonment for those who lead the facility.

Mitra Keluarga Kalideres director Fransisca D. Permatasari said in a press conference on Monday that miscommunication between the hospital and the parents had occurred. The hospital did not know the parents were covered under BPJS until three hours later, when the baby was taken to the emergency unit, she said.

While Mitra Keluarga has yet to sign a cooperation agreement with BPJS, the hospital had taken care of BPJS patients emergency cases several times before, Oscar said.

Jakarta Health Department head Koesmedi Priharto said the hospital should have asked about the BPJS, adding that Mitra Keluarga has to undergo the medical audit to examine the handling of Debora in her final hours.

Mitra Keluarga is part of Kalbe Group, one of Indonesia's pharmaceutical giants controlled by Boenjamin Setiawan's family, whose net worth was estimated at $800 million in 2016.