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New Mining Association Aspeti Seeks to Help Small Miners

Rio Abadi
August 10, 2023 | 10:38 pm
Mining association Aspeti launch in Jakarta on Aug. 10, 2023. (B Universe Photo)
Mining association Aspeti launch in Jakarta on Aug. 10, 2023. (B Universe Photo)

Jakarta. The freshly launched mining association Aspeti said on Thursday that it sought to promote better use of Indonesia’s natural resources, while also helping small miners.

According to Aspeti head Andi Moch Adhim, Indonesia is rich in natural resources but still fails to take good advantage of them. The association then came into existence against this backdrop. Aspeti also pledged to pay attention to small miners in both the upstream and downstream sectors.

“This [launch] is a major breakthrough. The government does not pay much attention to the mining industry. We are launching Aspeti so our natural resources can bring more benefits to the people,” Andi said in Jakarta on Thursday.

“[Our country] is rich in natural resources, but we have not made good use of them. We wish to help those who are in need to thrive,” Andi added.


Aspeti is independent and does not harbor any political interests, according to Andi. The group’s chief said that its main goal was to bridge the communication between the upstream and downstream sectors. The association also aims to promote the mining of coal or oil and gas, among others, that upholds sustainability and local wisdom.

Aspeti also commented on a corruption case involving Ridwan Djamaluddin, the former director general for minerals and coal. Ridwan is accused of aiding illegal nickel mining in Mandiodo bloc, Southeast Sulawesi. The case caused a loss of a whopping Rp 5.7 trillion ($375 million) in state revenue.

“We are still looking at it. The losses are quite huge, but there is still an ongoing legal process. We will wait for the results. We will then take strategic steps,” Andi said.

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