New Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays


NOVEMBER 24, 2016

It's almost time for Christmas and New Year, which means there is a lot of decorating to do around the house. Maybe you use the same old decorations stored in dusty boxes for your Christmas tree, which are really dispiriting for such a spirited holiday.

But don't let that get you down. Maybe it's such a tiring job, especially when it's the same stuff all over again, but all the effort will pay off once you see the shimmering colors painted at your house.

1. You can start off by hanging this pretty lamp above, or beside your Christmas tree. There's no doubt that it lights up the Christmas spirit.


2. Want to save your time from lighting and changing candles? This edgy candelabra will look good in your living room.


3. Isn't this teeny tiny goat adorable enough to guard your Christmas presents? The kids must be dying to take it out and play with it.


4. Tired of using plastic containers for your Christmas cookies? Try these minimalist, yet uniquely designed cookie boxes that seem to be from a fairytale.


5. This starry and super soft terry-cloth hand towel doesn't just give a nice touch beside the sink, but the Christmasy colors suit the occasion very well.


6. Want to relax a bit? This hot-mulled-cider scented candle will surely warm up your New Year's Eve.


7. Just because you're busy decorating doesn't mean your little ones will stop asking for your attention. Good kids deserve presents, especially if they have helped you along the way. Give this fluffy elk as an additional Christmas present. Seeing your little ones happy will warm up your holidays even more.


As you stop working and take a look at your new fancy home, you must be thinking that it all paid off in the end. Maybe you end up addicted to decorating, or you think there's some space for more. Click here to view the rest of IKEA VINTER Collection.