Optical Network Modernization, Telkom To Back Perform STO Shutdown

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

PT. Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) marks the modernization of the network into an optical fiber by switching off (shutdown) 30 Automatic Telephone Central (STO). Director of Network & IT Solution Telkom, Abdus Somad Arief is set to shut down the area of East Java, on Friday (16/9). With the modernization of the network into an optical fiber, the public can enjoy the new experience of IndiHome triple play services.

"The Modernization of STO is a proof of Telkom's commitment to continue to build broadband infrastructure throughout Indonesia to accelerate the formation of Indonesian digital society," said Abdus Somad Arief.

During the month of September 2016, as many as 30 STO are modernized, among others 5 STO residing in the Regional 1 Sumatera, 12 STO in the Regional 2 Jabodetabek, 3 STO in the Regional 3 West Java, 1 STO in the Regional 4 Central Java, 7 STO in the area of East Java Regional 5 Bali Nusra, and 2 STO in the Regional 6 Kalimantan. Abdus Somad Arief added that this month the number of STO is turned off and modernized its network mostly from Sabang to Borneo.

Up to this time, no fewer than 133 of the total 1,250 STO has completed its modernized network access with fiber optics, partly with Overlay Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) and others with Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Abdus Somad Arief STO hopes that the modernization process is completed in 2021. "The modernization of this STO should be conducted immediately due to the expiration of the life of the device (obsolete) and the development of technologies that require large bandwidth," he continued.


30 STO that are being turned off and modernized by Telkom in this month are: • Regional 1 Sumatra: STO STO Geudong Lhoksukon, Lhokseumawe STO, STO Matangkuli,  and STO Panton Labu • Regional 2 Jabodetabek: STO Bekasi, Bojonegara STO, STO Cariu, Cikarang STO, STO Ciledug, Cisalak STO, STO Dramaga, Kedunghalang STO, STO Customs, Pasauran STO, STO Tambelang, STO Tarumajaya • Regional 3 West Java: STO Bojonglopang, Gununghalu STO, STO Sukanegara • Regional 4 Central Java: STO Pringapus • Regional 5 Java Bali Nusra: STO Buring, Sawojajar STO, STO Ampelgading, Sarangan STO, STO Punung, Pesanggaran STO, and STO tiles. • Regional 6 Kalimantan: STO STO Penajam and KM5