Tampak luar gerbong kereta penumpang pada jalur komuter PT. INKA Malang-Jakarta

Philips Indonesia Cuts Electricity Costs and Increase Comfort and Security for PT. INKA


MARCH 25, 2015

Philips Indonesia has recently established a partnership with major operator of public railways in Indonesia, PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (PT. INKA) to further improve the quality of lightning and security for passengers as well as helping the company to save energy and electricity costs. To implement this vision, Philips partnered with PT. Kreasi Mustika, an Original Equiment Manufacturer (OEM) with an extensive experience in the field of engineering design and product design for home lighting applications, specifically for train.

"For train passengers, lighting is a very important consideration for both interior and exterior," said Bambang Sustrisno, Senior Sales Manager for PT. INKA. "For many years, Philips has already established itself as a well known brand in Indonesia. This does affect our decision to partner with Philips to improve the lighting quality of our trains as we believe their reputation as the guarantee for high quality services."

As a state-owned railway company, PT. INKA has been transporting more than 500,000 passengers every day. Prior to that, the company has already took the initiation to improve its lightning system since 2010. Philips partnership with PT. INKA will support the transition to LED lighting, which will significantly reduces energy costs and improve the quality of the lighting for the convenience of the passengers.

"Our partnership with PT. INKA is part of our ongoing commitment to lead the transition to LED lighting," said Chandra Vaidyanathan, Senior Vice President & Country Manager for Philips Lighting Indonesia. "LED lighting is more durable, and uses less energy than other types of lighting. That means, it reduced maintenance costs for lamp replacement, as well as electricity costs."

Philips has been supplying 1,440 LED modules that are being assembled into 495 luminaires to be installed in three passenger trains on the commuter line of PT. INKA Malang-Jakarta, with respectively eleven carriages. Each module consists of Philips Fortimo LED components and CoreLine LED Systems, which provides white light quality that is comfortable, energy saving, and safe for the eyes. Since replacing the lighting on three passenger trains with Philips LED, PT. INKA has decreased the use of electricity maintenance costs by 40%.

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