(Photo courtesy of RAPP)

RAPP Campaigns to Curb Plastic Waste


DECEMBER 24, 2018

Jakarta. Indonesia has a major waste problem, second only to China, when it comes to dumping plastic waste into the world's oceans.

A study by the University of Georgia estimates that 3.22 million metric tons of plastic waste in the country ends up in the ocean every year.

Paper producer Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) started a campaign to improve waste management as part of its active efforts to curb waste – especially plastic.

The campaign focuses on replacing plastic bags used in restaurants, convenience stores and even in the hotel located in the company's mill area, with reusable canvas bags.

Ratna Bunga, leader of the RAPP Plasticless Program, said the campaign has been implemented throughout the company, from operations to the Global Andalan School in the company complex in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau.

"We don't want this green campaign to only be focused on company operations. We also want it to reach the surrounding area," Ratna said.

RAPP's Global Andalan School received the Ministry of Environment and Forestry's Adiwiyata Green School award, given to schools that have adopted environmentally friendly practices.

Aang Sunandar, general manager of Hotel Unigraha, which is located inside the company's Kerinci complex, said plastic waste produced by the hotel has decreased by 56 percent since the start of the campaign.

"We've reduced the use of plastic at the hotel. We no longer use plastic cups, and we've exchanged plastic laundry bags with canvas bags in our rooms. We've also stopped using plastic straws and started using paper boxes to pack foods," Aang said.

The government issued a presidential regulation on household waste management last year aimed at a 30 percent reduction of plastic waste by 2025.