Eatigo, a Southeast Asia-based online restaurant reservation platform, officially launched in Indonesia on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Eatigo)

Bookings Made Easy: Restaurant Reservation Platform Eatigo Arrives in Indonesia


JANUARY 24, 2019

Jakarta. Eatigo, a Southeast Asian-based online restaurant reservation platform, officially launched in Indonesia on Tuesday. 

"We've had great success in six countries already, and I am now very excited that Eatigo can finally be in Indonesia, a potential market with rapid growth in its culinary industry," co-founder and group chief executive Michael Cluzel said at the Eatigo launch in Jakarta.  

Eatigo, which obtained $25 million in its latest round of funding, offers time-based discounts of up to 50 percent every day at participating restaurants. The special offers are available through its mobile applications and websites. 

The Eatigo app helps restaurants with empty seat problems in off-peak hours and connects them with hungry patrons.

"There are still many restaurants that have empty seat problems, especially during off-peak hours. Eatigo is here to maximize the missed potential by offering discounts to hungry foodies," Cluzel said. 

Since going live in mid-December last year, Eatigo has collaborated with more than 250 restaurants in the Greater Jakarta area. The app brought almost a thousand reservations in its first 10 days to Shabu Jin restaurant.

Eatigo has partenered with all sorts of restaurants, from upscale restaurants such as Le Brasserie at the Le Méridien, Indonesian food specialist Aromanis, hip café Kaffeine, to popular pizza outlets like Papa Ron's.

Empty seats at Eatigo merchant restaurants can be ordered without complicated prepayments. You don't even have to have a credit card to make a booking.

Established in 2013, Eatigo has served more than 10 million reservations in more than 5,000 restaurants across the network, making it the leading online reservation platform in Asia.

Eatigo is supported by Tripadvisor and used widely in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the Philippines and now Indonesia. It will expand to more countries soon.