Brother ADS-1100W is equipped with many features, such as Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, which makes this scanner one of the best on the market. (Photo courtesy of Brother Indonesia)

How to Scan Documents Without Using a PC


DECEMBER 30, 2016

Scanning technology has improved a lot in the past few years. Currently, scanners can be found in many products, be it a product on its own or in multifunction printers.

One of the most attractive features of the latest scanners on the market is the ability to scan documents without the need to connect them to a PC or laptop. This particular feature is very useful when needing to quickly scan documents for various purposes. How does it work?

Scanning Without a PC

Before scanning without a PC, you must first choose a scanner that is equipped with this feature. Brother ADS-1100W is a scanner that can be used for this purpose. Brother ADS-1100W is not only compact, but is also equipped with many features that make this scanner one of the best.


To scan without a PC, Brother ADS-1100W is equipped with Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. Using a Wi-Fi connection, a scanner can be directly connected to devices such as smartphones and tablets. Equipped with a clear touch screen and an easy-to-use user interface, the process of scanning and file transferring can also be done with ease.

For those who want to transfer the scanned documents straight to a phone, there's the Brother iPrint & Scan app. Brother has also equipped the ADS-1100W series with a duplex scanning feature. This means that it has the ability to scan two-sided documents automatically. As a result, the scanner can be used to scan business cards, brochures, or other documents on both sides without constraints.

Copy to USB Flash Drive

Meanwhile, USB connectivity at Brother ADS-1100W can be used to save scanned files. Simply connect a USB Flash Drive to the ADS-1100W and start scanning the document. The scan to USB feature is one of Brother's best features and sets it apart from other brands.

Additional features that Brother ADS-1100W has incorporated has made scanning even more practical. For example, ADS-1100W can automatically detect blank pages. When scanning multiple pages at a time, a blank page can be automatically skipped once it is detected.

ADS-1100W can even deskew documents and fix page orientation.

When You Need Extra Control

Bear in mind that the ability to scan documents without the help of a PC is intended for users who require speed and practicality. In any event, Brother ADS-1100W can also be easily connected to your computer if required.

With the help of a PC, there are additional features that can be used to optimize the results. Optical character recognition, or OCR, helps convert scanned documents into digital files that can be edited further. The programs Nuance, PaperPort and 12 SE are also included to help with document management.

Lastly, there is Presto! and BizCard, which when connected with Microsoft Outlook or a similar program when scanning a business card of colleagues or potential customers, can process the data on the card and store the contact information in an address book.

With streamlined scanning process as well as compact and portable design, Brother ADS-1100W is useful when wanting to save time and increase productivity.