SCG Launches Innovative Products and Services for Construction Materials at Indobuildtech 2015


JUNE 03, 2015

Jakarta, June 3, 2015 - SCG, an ASEAN business conglomerate leader, has introduced three new innovative products and services, i.e. Low-heat concrete, Water Proff concrete and Extension chute from 'Jayamix by SCG' at the Indobuildtech Expo 2015 in Jakarta. Delivering the concept of "The Nextplorer" that explores premium-quality building nateruals as the important foundation behind a great construction, SCG is committed to develop innovatiove products and services to provide a better standard of living for Indonesians, as well as the ASEAN region.

SCG Cement-Building Materials Branding & Marketing Manager Atthapol Phongcharoensuk, said, "In line with the vision of SCG Cement-Building Materials business unit to become a leading solution provider in Indonesia by 2020, SCG continuosly innovates by combining world class expertise and local knowledge to create various building material products and services, namely Low-Heat Concrete, Water Proof Concrete and Extension Chute, which we hope would be able to serve the specific need and different purposes of customers."

Low-heat concrete is specially-designed and able to withstand escalating temperature in concrete cores to eliminate the thermal crack risk. Water Proof Concrete is a water-resistant concrete fo structures highly exposed by water and able to press the water intensity inside the concrete. The Low-heat concrete is launched  during the Indobuildtech 2015, while the Water Proof Concrete is scheduled to be launched in Q3/2015

SGC also introduced the latest service for the concrete pouring process called Extension chute,which is an additional channel to flow ready-mix concrete from truck mixers into the pouring area that is difficult to be reached by truck mixer. This tool can be assembled when it is needed and enables an easier concrete pouring process that is time- and cost efficient.

"Customers today demand specific kinds of concrete that serve their real needs. For us, concrete is not just a similar commodity that we can get from any brand, but is should be able ti be customized and developed as innovative products through continuous innovation development," Atthapol said.

"SCG has continued to develop innovations to provide best-in-class products and services to the market. Not only ready mixed concrete, but also all products under the brand 'SCG' including cement, lightweight concrete block, pipe and precast, have pursued this key strategy. With our high commitment to deliver innovative premium quality products and reliable services to the market, we hope we will become an ASEAN Brand of Trust among customers in ASEAN,' added Atthapol.

In addition to the new products, SCG also showcases other highlighted products that are behind the success of grat contructions, which indlude SCG Pipe and Precast products and services that gain trust from a number of major drainage and sewerage system project clients, SCG Cement with distinctive formula for high bonding and smooth finish for wall application, and SCG Smartblock lightweight concrete block with the ability to save home energy consumption.

"We are also looking for opportunities to develop other new innovative products and services to the market. Our focus is still concrete-based products, the area where we have strength, and to provide better standard of living for ASEAN people. This year, the construction of our cement plant in Sukabumi will be finished and commericial operations will start in the third quarter. The cement plant is expected to raises the sales revenue of the SCG Cement-Building Materials business unit by 24 percent in 2016," said Atthapol.