Kartu Indonesia Satu — or translated into One Indonesia Card in English — or Kartin1, will be able to store a person's identity details which previously stored in separate cards from Kartu Tanda Penduduk, or KTP, passport to the government's Healthcare Insurance program (BPJS). (Courtesy of Directorate General of Taxation)

Tax Office Will Upgrade NPWP Cards


JANUARY 20, 2017

Jakarta. The government plans to introduce an upgraded version of tax identification cards, locally known as NPWP, to improve the databases and serve the public better, a senior official said on Friday (20/01).

NPWP cards are issued by the Finance Ministry's Directorate General of Taxation to identify individual and corporate taxpayers. Currently, each NPWP card shows only a taxpayer's name and unique tax identification number.

"Hopefully, the cards will be ready next year," information technology director at the directorate, Iwan Djuniardi, told Jakarta Globe.

The cards, which will be called Kartu Indonesia Satu ("One Indonesia Card"), or Kartin1, will also store information from the national identification cards, passports and health care insurance cards.

Kartin1 will also serve as either a debit card or electronic money card, allowing the government to disburse cash transfers in a more efficient way, Iwan said.

So far, only state-owned lenders, such as Bank Mandiri, Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia, have pledged to support the new cards program, but Iwan believes more banks will follow suit.

"To have this card will be voluntary, we don't want to make it mandatory to avoid possible resistance," he said.

Card printers and devices to read the cards will be acquired by May. A system to support it should be ready in September, when about 100 prototype cards will be distributed.

"Think of it as the new NPWP; all information will be kept in just one card. I think it's already an improvement that we'll be able to pay for electricity or settle phone bills with this card," tax compliance director Yon Arsal told reporters on Thursday.