Finance Ministry’s Directorate General of Taxation has sent electronic mails to taxpayers containing a reminder to fulfill its tax obligations, an official said on Wednesday (28/02). (Photo courtesy of the Directorate General of Taxation)

It's Tax Time, Tax Office Reminds


MARCH 01, 2018

Jakarta. The tax office has sent emails to taxpayers to remind them about their obligations, an official said on Wednesday (28/02).

Individual tax returns must be filed by March 31. Corporate tax filers have to submit their reports by April 31.

"The email is part of our service, we [use it to] communicate with taxpayers and send reminders," Directorate General of Taxation spokesman Hestu Yoga Saksama said.

As of February, only around 2 million out of 18 million expected filers submitted their annual tax returns.

The directorate general will have special task forces at its regional offices to help during the peak of the tax season.

Emails were also sent to 972,000 participants of the government's tax amnesty program to remind them to report their hidden assets by the March deadline.

"We have to keep on reminding, as they tend to forget," Hestu said.

Tax compliance is still low in Indonesia, limiting the government's ability to fund development programs. Only 36 million people out of the country's 260 million pay taxes.

Last year, 16 million of them were required to file their tax returns, but only 12.5 million complied.