Telekomunikasi Indonesia wants to acquire a majority stake at Malaysian satellite operator TS Global Network. (JG Photo)

Telkom 3S Satellite to Be Launched in Mid-February


JANUARY 30, 2017

Bogor. State telecommunications firm Telkom Indonesia will launch its Telkom 3S satellite in mid-February, replacing Telkom 3, which in 2012 failed to reach its orbit.

Telkom 3S will carry 24 C band, eight extended C band and 10 Ku band transponders.

It will be stationed at 118 degrees east longitude, where Telkom 2 satellite currently operates.

Telkom Indonesia chief technical officer Abdus Somad Arief said the new satellite will increase the orbit utility, as Telkom 2 is equipped with only C band transponders.

When Telkom 3S becomes fully operational, Telkom 2, which is expected to serve until 2021, will be moved to another orbit in cooperation with an undisclosed firm.

"Hopefully, the new satellite can reduce our dependence on foreign satellites," Abdus said during a media briefing at Telkom Indonesia's main satellite control station in Cibinong, Bogor, on Monday (30/01).

Currently, Telkom Indonesia operates two satellites, Telkom 1 and Telkom 2, with 140 transponders.

Abdus said that at least 300 transponders are needed to serve the company's consumers and business units.

The new satellite will be launched from Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, on the north Atlantic coast of South America, on Feb. 14 local time.

Telkom 3S satellite was constructed by Cannes-based satellite builder Thales Alenia Space and will be brought to the orbit by Ariane 5 rocket, operated by Arianespace Europe.

Telkom 3S satellite