Vice President & Business Alignment Subsidiaries Telkom Yogi Sukmana received the award "The Best State-Owned Enterprise" in the event the Corporate Governance Conference & Awards 2016 in Jakarta, Monday (7/11). Also, Telkom gained the title of "Top 50 Public Listed Companies" based on an assessment of corporate governance practices open in Indonesia.

Telkom Achieves The Best State-Owned Enterprise and Top 50 Public Listed Companies

NOVEMBER 09, 2016

Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) once again held the Corporate Governance (CG) Conference & Awards 8th, with the theme "Enhancing Investors Trust Through Good Corporate Governance" in Jakarta, Monday (7/11).

In this event, PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) was awarded "The Best State-Owned Enterprise" while gaining the title of "Top 50 Public Listed Companies". Telkom has the right to gain the predicate, which is based on the score results of the IICD assessment using reference ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard in assessing corporate governance practices open in Indonesia.

The ASEAN CG Scorecard is used by ASEAN countries to assess governance practices undertaken by public companies from each country. In the future, the company is expected to open in ASEAN and continue to use the scorecard as a tool to improve the practice of good corporate governance.

Vice President Corporate Communication of Telkom Arif Prabowo said that this award is a recognition of the practice of good governance in Telkom environment. "The concept of the application of the principles of good corporate governance (GCG) in the organization based on the company's commitment to create a company that is transparent, accountable, as well as reliable through good business management," said Arif.

CG Award IICD Award 2016 in accordance with the results of an assessment of ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard to the 100 largest companies by market capitalization. The assessment instrument is based on the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, which is an initiative of the ASEAN Capital Market Forum (ACMF) and developed from the principles of GCG were prepared and issued by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

These instruments have been used by five other ASEAN countries, namely the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam which include: (1) the rights of shareholders; (2) equal treatment of the shareholders; (3) the role of stakeholders; (4) disclosure and transparency; and (5) the responsibility of the board.

The principles are described comprehensively into 209 questions, including bonuses and penalties. The assessment is done domestically this year by stages as follows: 1. Stage I - votes IICD is conducted by 10 assessors who are trained and experienced; 2. Stage II - the review was done by 5 CG Expert IICD through intensive discussion with the assessor; 3. Phase III - Intensive discussions among CG Expert/IICD jury to determine the winners.

"The implementation of GCG practices is one important step for Telkom to improve and maximize its value (corporate value), encourage corporate management professional, transparent and efficient by increasing the principles of openness, accountability, trustworthy, responsible and fair so as to meet the obligations of the company to the shareholders, board of directors, business partners, as well as other stakeholders, "said Arif.

IPRA Golden World Awards 2016 Meanwhile, in the event of the Golden World Awards (GWA) 2016 organized by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) in Doha, Qatar, Saturday (5/11), Telkom managed to seize two categories of awards for the group In-house Public Relations (non-agency) include:

  1. Category of Digital Media Relations for the program "Digital Activation to Get the Biggest Hackathon Event in the World Went Viral."
  2. Category of Social Media for PR for the program "From Social Media to Social CRM: Reinventing the Customer Relations."
The event involves 19 judges from various countries that provide an assessment of corporate communications program papers. The assessment process is based on 6 criteria consisting of an explanation of the program, the formulation of problems and opportunities, research, detailed planning, execution and evaluation of programs and measurement of communications programs.

These global awards earned by the success of Telkom in implementing digital media relations to corporate communications programs, one through the campaign program The Indonesian Merdeka 2.0 Hackathon that became viral on social media. In addition, Telkom also considered successful in utilizing social media as a corporate communication channel.

Awards earned in IPRA GWA 2016 is one proof that Telkom has implemented the planning and management of optimal digital engagement in the practice of public relations firm.