VP Infrastructure Service & Governance PT Telkom Pramasaleh Hario Utomo (left) received the TOP ASEAN Infrastructure 2015 Award submitted by the Chairman of GAPENS, also Chairman of the Jury Iskandar Z Hartawi (right) in the Top Infrastructure 2015 Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Friday (06 / 11/2015).

Telkom Earns Top Infrastructure 2015 and TOP IT & TELCO 2015 Awards


NOVEMBER 09, 2015

Telkom Indonesia has recently named TOP Infrastructure ICT 2015 and TOP ASEAN Infrastructure 2015 within the Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2015, which was conducted on Jakarta Convention Center, Friday (6/11).

During the same occasion, Telkom was also named TOP IT & TELCO 2015 in Indonesia by winning four awards, including CEO TOP ICT Leadership for Telkom President Director, Alex J. Sinaga.

The TOP Infrastructure 2015 Award is an appreciation event for best infrastructure companies in Indonesia how have been really successful in improving performance and competitiveness. Meanwhile, TOP IT & TELCO was given to companies that have excelled in product or IT-based solutions and are regarded as the best by the user or their customers, while also having the best telecommunications services in he eyes of customers.

These awards is shows a recognition that the Telkom Group has succeeded in presenting a world-class ICT services for the people of Indonesia and believed to serve more than half of the Indonesian population.

"Today's society is very critical in choosing the best ICT products and services that provide comfort and increase productivity in their daily activities, said Vice President of Corporate Communications at Telkom Arif Prabowo.

It is said by Arif that this award is also a challenge for Telkom Group who delivers best IT services for society to remote areas and border areas. "This is in line with our commitment as a company belonging to the Indonesian people," he said.

In addition to improving the quality of service, Telkom also consistently build ICT infrastructure. One of its main program is called Telkom Indonesia Digital Network (IDN), which is an effort to develop the ICT infrastructure of Telkom in Indonesia. "Fiber optic backbone infrastructure IDN is now reaching most parts of Indonesia along 70 thousand km from Sumatra to Papua so that the majority of Indonesian people can enjoy IndiHome," said Arif. "This is part of the company's commitment to being The King of Digital to promote ICT technology in Indonesia," he concluded.

The TOP Infrastructure awards 2015 organized by Business News Magazine cooperated and supported by Gapensi (Joint Implementation of the National Konstrukti Indonesia), Pefindo (PT. Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia, ), Melani K. Harriman & Associates, Sardelec Management Institute, IICD (Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship), and IBC (Harvard - Intellectual Business Community).

Meanwhile, the TOP IT & TELCO 2015 Award was organized by I Tech Magazine, in cooperation with ASPEKTI (Indonesia Consultant Company of Telematics Association), IKTII (Indonesian IT Consultant Association), MASTEL (Society of Telematics), Alvara (Marketing Research Agency), ATSI (Indonesia Telecommunication Company Association), and Forti (IT Forum of SOEs) with the full support of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.