Telkom Indonesia enterprise and business service director Dian Rachmawan speaking after receiving the Organization of the Year 2017 award in Tokyo on Friday (02/06). (Photo courtesy of Telkom Indonesia)

Telkom Indonesia Wins Grand Stevie Award as Organization of the Year 2017

JUNE 06, 2017

Telkom Indonesia has once again won the Grand Stevie Award as Organization of the Year 2017 at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. The award was received by Telkom's enterprise and business service director Dian Rachmawan in Tokyo on Friday (02/06).

With this Award, Telkom again showed a great achievement by winning the Grand Stevie Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Telkom won the award after winning 31 awards consisting of eight gold, five silver and 18 bronze awards for business innovations in various fields, including new product innovation, technology innovation, marketing, customer service, corporate communication and more.

Telkom received the eight gold awards for the following innovations:

- The Smart Airport 3.0 application in the innovation in business information apps category

- The e-learning website for innovation in the education or training websites category

- Cellular service on satellite on the move in the remote area for innovation in technology development category

- Telkomtelstra for excellence in innovation in the technology industries category

- GBILL (Finnet) for innovations in the shopping or e-commerce apps category

- AdMobile (Admedika) for innovation in the general information and general utility apps categories

- iMOTA: Sea Port Traffic Solution (ILCS) for innovation in the business utility apps category and innovation in transportation and logistics category.

The international business competition is organized by the Stevie Awards, where the competition is open to all companies and organizations located in 22 countries of the Asia-Pacific region and are followed by over 600 innovation business nominees.

The Stevie Awards committee has made judgments on business innovations, taking into account the concepts of innovation, development process, the value of innovation success and its impact on companies/communities. So all the winning innovations in this arena, have proven to be successfully implemented and have a significant impact on the company's business.

"We are proud because Telkom has successfully maintained Grand Stevie as Organization of the Year, three years in a row. This proves Telkom's commitment to continue to develop digital innovations in various industries," Dian said after receiving the award.

"This award provides benefits to all stakeholders of Telkom, in particular, to motivate employees to innovate better, improve the credibility of the company with service innovation to Telkom customers and of course improve the company's image to get the confidence level of shareholders," Dian said.