Director of Consumer Service Telkom, Dian Rahmawan (right) pictured with the Rector of the Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana MSCES, Ph.D. (left)

Telkom Orders 5000 Electric Scooters Made in ITS To Improve Customer Service

MAY 18, 2016

PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) orders 5,000 electric scooters also known as GESITS, produced by the Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS). This act was revealed by the Director of Consumer Service Telkom, Dian Rachmawan during a meeting with the Rector of ITS, Joni Hermana MSc ES, PhD some time ago.

 According to Dian Rachmawan, since Telkom had a huge number of IndiHome technicians and engineers, most of them require a vehicle with the specification like GESITS. These scooters were ordered and later will be modified to allow the IndiHome technicians to bring work equipment in the trunk of his bike.

 Dian hopes that this electric scooter can further improve the productivity of the technicians team to improve the delivery of the customer service. "With the electric scooters, in addition to a more friendly environment issues, it will also save lots of fuel cost," adds Dian.

 As an alumnus of the Department of Electrical Engineering of ITS in 1982, Dian stated that Telkom is committed to supporting the development of the local industry by ordering GESITS which consists of DCL (Domestic Component Level) almost 100%.

 Dian hopes that the other state will also support the existing local industry in order to increase the economy of Indonesia. To ensure the items that she ordered, Dian initially visits the manufacture of the electric shooters in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of ITS.

Meanwhile, the Rector of ITS, Prof Joni thanked Telkom for giving trust to the ITS by booking 5,000 GESITS. Joni explained that with plenty of reservations, this may strengthen the position of Indonesia and the economic wellbeing of an independent nation.

 "As the Rector of ITS, I'm very pleased that through the booking of GESITS by Telkom, we've shown that ITS product innovation has won the trust of the consumers of the upper class," he said proudly. And of course, Prof. Joni, it will have a positive impact and tremendous passion for researchers and other producers in the country.