TelkomGroup Siaga Naru 1: Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga (second from left) accompanied by Telkom's Consumer Service Director Mas'ud Khamid (third from left) and Telkomsel Sales Director Sukardi Silalahi (far right) when reviewing Mobile IndiHome and Mobile GraPARI to anticipate telecommunication traffic spikes in the Christmas and New Year period 2017/2018.

Telkom Ready to Support Telecommunication Traffic Spike Over Christmas and New Year

DECEMBER 24, 2017

Telkom Indonesia officially started the TelkomGroup Christmas and New Year's 2017/2018 activities to ensure telecommunication infrastructure and services remain in the top condition in the face of an expected surge in traffic.

The start of the activities is marked by video conference activities led by Telkom president director Alex J. Sinaga from automatic telephone exchange at Pematang Sianta, on Friday (22/12), followed by all Telkom regional and TelkomGroup subsidiaries throughout Indonesia.

In a separate location, Telkom Network & IT Solutions Director Zulhelfi Abidin said, as a telecommunication service provider for most Indonesians, TelkomGroup strives to ensure all services are in stable and reliable condition at all times by operating as many as 87 post points spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia . "Telkom anticipates telecommunication traffic spikes, especially during religious holidays and certain celebration moments. This anticipation is carried out through a series of activities throughout the 24 hour operational posts such as infrastructure and service monitoring activities and immediate mitigation in case of disturbance. This is to ensure that the quality of services we provide is maintained and prime, despite significant communication traffic spikes, "said Zulhelfi Abidin.

TelkomGroup is also preparing the supporting tools and infrastructure and mobilizing tens of thousands of personnel to be on standby in all posts. "We prepared 592 Mobile GraPARI units, 103 Mobile Telkomsel BTS units, and 816 IndiHome car units and alerted 15,910 personnel throughout the post to ensure excellent service in more than 700 public areas such as worship facilities, malls & indoor areas, as well as important areas others. The move is to anticipate the predicted telecommunications needs of entering a peak spike from December 22, 2017 to January 3, 2018," Zulhelfi Abidin said.

The existence of TelkomGroup is expected to ensure the convenience of customers and the community in communicating with family and relatives at special moments. This is TelkomGroup's effort in providing best services, especially to support the digital lifestyle of customers and society in general.

In addition to ensuring the readiness of telecommunications infrastructure and services, TelkomGroup also organizes a series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to enhance the joy of Christmas and the new year through the BUMN programs for the Home and TelkomGroup Sharing.

In the framework of Christmas and New Year 2017/2018, the program BUMN Present for the State took the theme "SOE Sharing Through Compensation to Children Orphanage". In the program, Telkom and PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Pelindo III) distributed Christmas and New Year gifts and benefits to 1,000 orphanage children and assistance to 17 orphanages and 4 churches in the Governor's Hall of East Nusa Tenggara in Kupang, Nusa East-East, Friday (22/12). Secretary of the Ministry of SOE RI Imam Aprianto Putro, Deputy of Restructuring of the Ministry of SOE RI Aloysius Kiik Ro, East Nusa Tenggara Governor Frans Lebu Raya, East Nusa Tenggara Province DPRD Chairman Anwar Pua Geno, Human Capital Management Director of Telkom Herdy R. Harman and President Director Pelindo III I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra had the opportunity to attend and distribute the benefits and gifts directly.

BUMN Share Christmas & New Year's Gift: (Left-right) Deputy for Restructuring & Business Development Aloysius Kiik Ro, Chairman of East Nusa Tenggara Province DPRD Anwar Pua Geno, Secretary of the Ministry of SOE Imam Aprianto Putro, President Director of Pelindo III I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra, East Nusa Tenggara Governor Frans Lebu Raya and Telkom Director of Human Capital Management Herdy Harman symbolically decorate the Christmas tree to mark the start of the BUMN Sharing of Children Orphanage and Church in Kupang, Friday (22/12).

The SOE Sharing program is implemented simultaneously in seven provincial capitals with majority of the Christian population, Kupang - East Nusa Tenggara, Jayapura - Papua, Manokwari - West Papua, Manado - North Sulawesi, Pontianak - West Kalimantan, Ambon - Maluku and Medan - Sumatera North. Benefits are distributed to orphanages and orphanages or Christian orphanages.

Meanwhile, TelkomGroup Berbagi program was implemented by distributing renovation and christmas donation fund to 19 churches / foundations in various regions in Indonesia.

Telkom's Director of Human Capital Management Herdy R. Harman said the church's renovation assistance was done to repair the old church of Dutch missionary located in Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara, St. Petersburg Parish Church. Martinus Hinga. "This renovation is a gift of Christmas and a new year for the Adonara people, East Nusa Tenggara, in the form of adequate religious facilities. St. Petersburg Parish Renovation Martinus Hinga is also as an effort TelkomGroup in preserving one of the historic buildings in Indonesia, "said Herdy R. Harman.

Christmas and New Year moments are a great time to improve service to all stakeholders as well as to share. "Through various CSR activities in the Christmas and New Year period, TelkomGroup wants to continue to foster a culture of sharing with others and inflame the spirit of tolerance and loving inter-religious people, especially sharing the joys with orphanage children so they can share the joys of Christmas and the Year New, "added Herdy R. Harman.