(Left-Right) Director Melon Indonesia with Prof. Widi Nugroho Dr. Ir. Suhono Harso Supangkat of ITB, Director of Innovation and Strategic Portfolio Indra Utoyo Telkom and Telkom Regional Executive Vice President 3 Ketut Budi Utama photographed together during the launch of Melon Box at the Institute of Technology Bandung, Friday (20/5).

Telkom Revives Indonesian Music Through Melon Box

MAY 22, 2016

PT. Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) with the "C Generation Indonesia" introduces Melon Box, an innovation through the digital music streaming services, that is solely targeted to the business segment of enterprise and SME's.

The Director of Innovation and Strategic Portfolio Telkom, Indra Utoyo said that Melon Box is expected to push the revival of the Indonesian music industry. "Melon Box digital streaming service for music which provides a compilation of selected songs that can be placed anytime, based on the genre of the music that can be adjusted to condition of the location," said Indra Utoyo during the launching of Melon Box at the Institute of Technology, Bandung (ITB), Friday (20/5).

Indra Utoyo explained that with Melon Box's playlist, there are many playlists that can be saved offline and which make it easier to enjoy music. Indro Utoyo explained that this innovation is due to provide a whole new experience in interacting ith the new generation and share their aspiration through digital music.

On the other hand, "C Generation Indonesia" through the Super You activity has successfully gathered 15 talented youngsters through an audition in Bandung as a pilot project. These 15 talented youngsters have been trained and produced an album called "Yuk, Ah Bandung". The album includes 9 songs with a message that is relevant to the current society.

C Generation is regarded as a social innovation, which is initiated by youth since 28 October 2013. This innovation was born as an initiative to increase the quality of youth, the change of character through creativity and innovation. C Generation is expected to become a positive generation that leads the character creation of the upcoming Smart Generation. This is what makes Telkom willing to support the community through the innovation of digital music.