Indonesia Robotic Team from Madrasah Aliyah TechnoNatura as the sole representative of Indonesia has full support from Telkom to follow First Global Challenge Olympic Robot Competition 2017 (12/7).

Telkom Send Indonesia Robotic Team At the World's Largest Robot Olympiad

JULY 13, 2017

The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to be a trend in the future and will affect the development of digital economy in Indonesia and become a great business opportunity for TelkomGroup as the largest digital telecommunication company in the country.

Therefore, TelkomGroup is currently seriously working on IoT business opportunities by synergizing some of its subsidiaries. In order to encourage and educate the implementation of IoT PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) supports teens of robot activists following the 2017 First Global Challenge Olympic Robot Competition held in Washington DC, USA on 14 to 18 July 2017.

The competition is participated by 160 countries and is the world's largest robot Olympics based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Engineering, Math) curriculum on international education. First Global Challenge Olympic Robot Competition 2017 is a world-renowned robotics arena considering this event made the arena of the UN for IoT in the field of Robotics. In this competition, Indonesia is represented by Indonesia Robotic Team from Madrasah Aliyah TechnoNatura for High School (SMA) category. The team is invited by the organizing committee after passing the assessment through the diligent and interview stage.

Indonesia Robotic Team as a participant is challenged to create a robot "Clean Water Access Solution" in accordance with the requirements and prerequisites of the Olympic committee with limited basic materials and short time, ie one and a half months. This robotic competition implements IoT, where robots are created to have the ability to transfer data over the internet to computer devices. The team also had to adapt in their usual manual programming method (Arduino), to coding through the computer (Java) using the new Android Studio they first used.

Senior Vice President of Media & Digital Business Telkom and Metranet CEO Joddy Hernady explained that Telkom's support to the Indonesian team in the First Global Challenge Olympic Robot Competition, illustrates Telkom's seriousness in supporting millennial and Indonesian Z-generation to become the best-performing young inventors as a serious step to become the future leader of Indonesia by providing the opportunity to gain recognition as IoT inventor in the world of Robotics, Creating Like Never Before as Telkom is being transformed to become the backbone of digital telecommunications in Indonesia and the world.

"We consider this opportunity to be a door of the development of technology and the digital economy of Indonesia which is the hope of the company in the future. We also hope that this team will motivate other Indonesian millennials to be open with technology and not afraid to deal with other developed countries, "said Joddy Hernady.

Indonesia Robotic Team is the only representative of Indonesia in this prestigious world of robotics under the auspices of the Yayasan Create Foundation (leader Ilham Habibie), established since 2004 and located in Jakarta. TechnoNatura is a technology-based and natural madrasah school with a progressive learning system and competent teaching staff in technology.

TechnoNatura already has a proud track record of ever winning the Indonesia Information Communication and Technology Award (INAICTA) competition. During this time the school also established good relations with the US Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) through a long-distance discussion so that technology cooperation continues.

Telkom invites the people of Indonesia to jointly provide great support to Indonesia Robotic Team to help develop the digital economy. IoT itself is the foundation of future technological advancement that enables the connecting of various devices (hardware and software) in any applied form through the internet, including on computers, smartphones, even motor vehicles, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, home security, indoor lights, Automatic doors to the fence of the house. Through this support, Telkom hopes to be able to present the Indonesian people in a digital world experience that Like Never Before.