TelkomGroup CEO, Alex J. Sinaga (third from left) with the Board of Directors TelkomGroup at The Great Exhibition of Indonesia at the South Parking lot of Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta (21/8).

Telkom Showcases Featured Products In The Great Exhibition of Indonesia


AUGUST 23, 2015

Still within the spirit of the 70th Independence Day of Indonesia, PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) participated in the “Pameran Indonesia Hebat”, which is literaly translated as The Great Exhibition of Indonesia at the South Parking lot of Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. The exhibition was held by the Ministry of State Owned Enterprise, which lasted 3 days from 21 January until 23 August 2015. Telkom hoped that the people of Indonesia become more proud to the achievement that has been acquired by the nation, especially in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The exhibition, which was attended by 58 SOEs, displayed various booth that each represented a strong nationalistic theme. The theme of the exhibition itself focus on Telkom's program to support various fields and sectors such as the construction of “Network Backbone Access Wifi dan Fiber”, the provision of telecommunication for Digital SMEs, the solution for Digital Maritime and Logistic, Digital Lifestyle, Environment, and many more.

According to Director of Telkom, Alex J. Sinaga, the exhibition is the perfect moment to demonstrate the existence and devotion of SOEs in supporting every aspects within the society. The Indonesian society can certainly be proud about the whole innovation and original work made in Indonesia, he said.

On this occasion, Telkom managed to display products and services that has become its flagship such as: Home Solution, Mobile Solution & Wireless Solution, SMEs Solution, and Digital Content and Application. The Home Solution itself was already known by the IndiHome brand, which is an integrated service consisting of High Speed Internet Access, Home Phone, Usee TV (interactive TV), IndiHome Store and IndiHome Automation.

Meanwhile, besides High Speed Internet Connection, the SMEs Solution offers digital platform such as Bostoko,, and smart SME business directory for the efficiency of business among SMEs. “The SMEs Solution offered and displayed in the exhibition has been widely used among SMEs and proven to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business,” said VP of Corporate Communication Telkom, Arif Prabowo.

As for Mobile Solutions and Wireless Solutions, Telkom along with its subsidiary company Telkomsel presents the 4G LTE service and Wifi Id. This solution will make people stay connected with high speed Internet despite of being mobile. In addition, Telkom has also developed a variety of content and applications for a variety of purposes that are packed in IndiHome Store that include Qbaca, which is an e-book apps, UMeetMe, which is a video conference applications, and UDoctor health applications, as well as Ucontest.

"Products and services can be seen and tested during the exhibition, so that the public can feel the greatness of the digital technology provided by Telkom," said Arif.