President Director of Telkom Sigma Judi Achmadi (left) and President Director of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III Elia Massa Manik (right) shake hands after the Kick Off Implementation Manage Service Management System Agro-Based Industry Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) SAP PTPN in Yogyakarta, Friday (23/9).

Telkom Support The Business Transformation of PTPN Holding

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) once again realized the synergy of the SOEs through the support of PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) as a state of world-class estates. The commitment is evidenced by the kick off implementation to manage the service of Agro-based Industry Management System enterprise resources planning (ERP) SAP PTPN Office Office Training Institute Plantation (LPP) PTPN, Yogyakarta, Friday (23/9).

The Kick off is conducted by the President of Telkomsigma Judi Achmadi representing the Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom and Director of PTPN III Elia Massa Manik who witnessed the entire Board of Directors and Commissioners of PTPN Holding as well as other representatives of Telkom.

Judi Achmadi said that through the implementation of ERP in PTPN, Telkom is set to deliver a complete SAP ERP modules that are needed for the agro-industry either side of the front end and back end module plantations. "In the agro-industry, benchmarking in private plantations have been many who have implemented an ERP system so that the implementation of the ERP system becomes a necessity to enhance the competitive position of companies in the industry," he said.

On this occasion, Judi Achmadi delivers some of the best practices and benefits of SAP ERP implementation in several companies both state and private sphere that can be delivered by Telkom. "Telkom expects the successful implementation of ERP is the PTPN will grow more quickly into a leading global company successful agro-based industry and contribute to the growth of local and national economies through sustainable operations and business development," said Judi.

The Synergy between Telkom and PTPN is in line with the direction of the SOE Minister Rini Soemarno to improve the productivity of SOEs Plantation. Through the ERP system, PTPN as companies involved in the plantation industry can improve process efficiency and business process integration. Productivity increases because it is supported by an integrated data accurately, timely and improve the quality and accuracy of internal and external reporting.

Through the implementation of ERP, Telkom support system restructuring in PTPN environment by applying technologies associated with the procurement of goods and services so as to achieve efficiency and transparency expected from upstream to downstream, which will impact on the productivity of PTPN over the maximum within a period of three years.