SOE Minister Rini Soemarno was accompanied by Telkom President Director Alex J Sinaga while reviewing the facilities of Broadband Learning Center (BLC) at Cilacap 09 Elementary School (SDN) Cilacap 09 in Cilacap, Central Java some time ago. BLC is also equipped with Digital Library (PaDi), in addition to improving access to the internet is also intended to improve students' literacy skills.

Telkom To Support Education in Indonesia

MAY 02, 2017

Telkom continues to contribute positively to improve the quality of education in Indonesia in order to improve the progress and the competitiveness of the nation. In addition, Telkom also understood that educating the nation is not only the responsibility of the government but also the responsibility of all levels of society, including business people.

As a State-Owned Enterprise with the commitment to participate in the acceleration of the nation's development, Telkom is not only running its business operations but also consistently works to improve the progress and competitiveness of the nation.

From the beginning, Telkom put its attention to various businesses aimed at creating an intelligent generation. The belief that education is capable of driving the nation's progress and competitiveness encourages Telkom to make efforts to advance the national education sector, especially through the establishment of qualified educational institutions, the application of information and communication technologies to facilitate the management of various educational programs and facilitate the students, Researchers and other academics in gaining wider knowledge.

Telkom sees the future of the nation in the hands of the young generation. As a company engaged in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Telkom set to contribute to the world of education, among others, by facilitating public access to knowledge resources especially in digital.

Narrowing The Digital Gap

The digital gap is felt not only in terms of the paradoxes of cities and towns and villages but also in cities. The digital gap is also related to equality of opportunity. Therefore, Telkom is seriously trying to help narrow the gap.

Telkom's program to hack the digital gap is reflected in IndiSchool (Indonesia Digital School) program. The installation program of 100 thousand hotspots in schools in Indonesia, aimed to make the students and teachers easy to access educational materials via the internet. IndiSchool is part of the Indonesia WiFi program, which is the installation of 1 million hotspots throughout Indonesia.

Telkom's form of service for Indonesian education starts from primary and secondary education, such as through the acceptance of new students online, as well as the transparency service of education through Education Information Application System (SIAPonline).

For University, Telkom's service programs include SiteVisit program, Coop-app, e-learning, and e-journal. In addition, there is also Telkom Smart Campus Award (TeSCA) program for ICT application level of each cam

Telkom also conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the field of education, among others through Indonesia Digital Learning program which aims to improve teacher competence in Indonesia especially in the utilization of digital technology in teaching and learning process by giving appreciation "My Teacher My Hero".

Another CSR program is the provision of Digital Libraries (PaDi) in different parts of the country that provide access for students and the community to a variety of literature to foster interest in reading and increasing public knowledge in general. Also ICT assistance at schools and madrasahs, renovations to the reconstruction of school buildings at natural disaster sites.

For the start-up of the digital industry, Telkom provides special container packaged in Indonesia Digital Community or Indigo. Through Indigo Telkom hopes to contribute to the development and education of digital creative industry. To support the development of digital creative works, Telkom established Digital Valley in several cities such as Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Jogja that provide educational facilities, advocacy, business incubation, and manage the products produced by technopreneur / start up to be ready for commercialization.

Established Educational Institutions

Director of Development of SMK Kemendikbud Drs M. Mustaghfirin Amin, MBA (second right) accompanied by Chairman of Telkom Education Foundation (YPT), Dwi S Purnomo (right) during a visit to SMK Telkom Bandung.

Telkom's concern for education in Indonesia, in addition to being driven by short-term needs, is also driven by a long-term vision to participate in promoting the quality of Indonesia's human resources through improving the quality of education.

One form of Telkom's support for education is to support the implementation of an integrated education concept known as One Pipe Education through the establishment of Telkom Education Foundation (Telkom Foundation), a foundation that manages various early, basic, secondary and higher education institutions.

Currently, Telkom has a complete Education Institution from kindergarten to university. No less than 53 educational institutions are established under the auspices of Telkom Education Foundation (YPT). Recorded more than half of the educational institutions under which they have received accreditation A. Accreditation is a benchmark for educational institutions to ensure the graduates are viable as they result from well-managed management processes. Among them is Telkom University which at the end of 2016 then won Accreditation A from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education through the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education.

Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) is always focused on the development of an organization system that continues to be strengthened and upgraded its professionalism. In the use of the management system, all education activities managed by YPT throughout Indonesia are implemented online so that any decisions and policies can be done quickly. In addition, YPT also keeps an eye on the quality of all its educational institutions through regular audits.

Similarly, training to increase the insight of human resources (HR) managers of all educational institutions is managed by YPT. YPT also develops the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to all of its agencies. So now registration in every educational institution YPT can be done online and from anywhere and the teaching system was already in digital form.

By applying a professional system and implementing ICT in each educational institution that is covered, YPT is able to reap a variety of achievements, both at the national and international levels. Currently, Telkom University is the only private campus in West Java that gets A accreditation and Telkom Telematics High School Telkom (ST3 Telkom) Purwokerto who managed to get Rank One High School in Central Java version of Webometrics Year 2017.

Telkom educational institutions are also supported by qualified and qualified teachers who have incised various achievements such as being the best high school principals at the national level, becoming the best productive teachers of the best vocational schools nationally and winning the national level integrity school award. So with the teachers who qualified, is expected to deliver students who excel at the national level in each year.

As a state-owned telecommunication company with a portfolio of Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment, and Services (TIMES) businesses, Telkom will continue to enhance its commitment to advance the education world in the future in order to build Indonesia's digital community through specialized products, services and programs, designed to advance the education world, so it is expected that the improvement of the nation's competitiveness will be accelerated.