Coordinating Minister for Maritime & Resources RI Forpimda Ramli with the ranks of East Flores and Telkom release a participant in the 2016 Tour de Flores Larantuka East Nusa Tenggara, Thursday (6/19).

Telkom Support the Implementation of "Tour de Flores"

MAY 23, 2016

In order to join the success of the Flores Island Mountain Bike Tour or Tour de Flores, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) set up a wifi internet access with total capacity reaching 1.2 Gbps bandwidth.

Meanwhile in order to enliven the Tour de Flores and as a tribute to the community, especially the city of Larantuka, Telkom officially launched the IndiHome service in Larantuka, Wifi.Id Corner, which is located in the yard of Larantuka Telkom's office and the first broadband access with 4G LTE quality.

Director of Enterprise & Business Services Telkom Mohammad Awaluddin said that Telkom provides the wifi facilities in 6 cities namely in Kota Larantuka, Maumere, Ende, Ruteng, Bajawa and Labuan Bajo.

Along the route of the Tour de Flores which took place on 19 May until 26 May, 2016, Telkom also presents no less of 23 access point This facility is provided to facilitate the committee, athletes, journalists and the public to access high-speed internet.

Whereas for the purposes of media coverage, Telkom provides internet broadband access in 6 locations media center for six cities, namely: Larantuka (start), Maumere, Ende, Ruteng, Bajawa and Labuan Bajo (finish). The total capacity of the bandwidth provided reaches 1.2 Gbps (200 Mbps in each media center).

"Telkom facilitates the event Tour de Flores with access to the best communication facilities as a form of support for tourism promotion and development of sports Indonesia," said Awaluddin. He said the success of the Tour de Flores were covered by the media from home and abroad, and it will improve the image of Indonesia in the international world.

Awaluddin added that the support of telecommunications facilities is also intended as a reinforcement of the Poros Maritim Indonesia triggered by President Joko Widodo.

In addition to Internet access, TelkomGroup also performs the signal amplification and upgrade Telkomsel's cellular network in Larantuka, especially at Pelabuhan Labuan Bajo and Komodo. In all three locations Telkomsel's cellular network quality is enhanced with 4G LTE.

Tour de Flores is by followed by 230 riders from 21 countries. This event became the most challenging race like the Tour de Singkarak and Tour Banyuwangi. The race begins with the start of the City larantuka on May 19 and finish in Labuan Bajo on May 26, 2016.

There are five stages through which the participant is the first stage of Larantuka-Maumere stay in Maumere. The second stage of the City-Ende Maumere, Ende-Bajawa third, fourth Bajawa-Ruteng and fifth stage Ruteng-Labuan Bajo.