(Left-Right) Deputy Executive Vice President of Infrastructure Telkom Regional 1 Mukhni, Bukittinggi Deputy Mayor Irwandi, Telkom's Director of Network & Solution (NITS) Zulhelfi Abidin and Head of Telkom Bukittinggi Regional Office Adrian Nur while laying the first stone in Digital Park in Bukittinggi (30/11).

Telkom Support Local Government Commitment To Implement Digitalization of Bukittinggi and Padang City

DECEMBER 07, 2017

In order to improve the quality of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) services and support the digitalization of Bukittinggi City, West Sumatera, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) together with the government of Bukittinggi City launched the modernization program of ICT network to 100% fiber optic in order to realize Bukittinggi as Broadband City. The modernization of the network is officially marked by cutting copper cables as a symbol of the transition of infrastructure into fiber optic cables by Bukittinggi Vice Mayor Irwandi and Telkom Network & IT Solutions Director Zulhelfi Abidin at the Sentora Telepon Otomat (STO) Bukittinggi, Thursday (30/11).

Irwandi expressed his appreciation to Telkom that supported the City Government's goal to make Bukittinggi an ICT-based area. "The declaration of network modernization towards Bukittinggi Broadband City is a proof that Bukittinggi in particular, and West Sumatra in general, is ready to become a modern area. The ICT-based fiber-optic infrastructure provided by Telkom is also expected to help the implementation of Smart City program in Bukittinggi, "said Irwandi.

Meanwhile, Zulhelfi Abidin expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of Bukittinggi City Government which supported the process of modernization of the infrastructure. "The presence of fiber optic infrastructure in Bukittinggi is a form of Telkom's commitment to improve the quality of ICT services for the community. The ICT-based fiber-optic services will be able to deliver even better performance, even to the stages of the Internet of Things (IOT), such as home security, office security, transportation systems, to government systems that support the implementation of Smart City, "said Zulhelfi Abidin.

In addition to the launch of the fiber optic network, Irwandi and Zulhelfi Abidin also had the opportunity to launch WiFi Corner at Plasa Telkom Bukittinggi and inaugurated the development of Bukittinggi Digital Park to provide communication facilities and free high speed internet access for customers and the local community. In the future, Telkom hopes to increase the number of Digital Parks and Access Point in public space of Bukittinggi City.

Telkom also seeks to accelerate the modernization of 100% fiber optic infrastructure to support the Bukittinggi City Government in enhancing its regional potential through the optimization of digital technology for tourism, education, health, trade and services sectors.

Meanwhile, on the previous day, Padang Mayor Mahyeldi Asharullah and Telkom Network & IT Solutions Director Zulhelfi Abidin inaugurated Taman Palanta Digital, on Wednesday (29/11). Taman Palanta is a park for Padang residents who are now equipped with WiFi.id access, so people can enjoy high-speed internet service to access various information and communication.

"In Taman Palanta Digital, residents can spend time with relatives and family, while enjoying high-speed internet service. Representing the people of Padang City, I would like to thank Telkom for providing WiFi access in Taman Palanta to meet the needs of the internet community, especially young people of Padang City, "Mahyeldi Asharullah said after the inaugurating Taman Palanta Digital.

Zulhelfi Abidin said that the provision of ICT infrastructure in Taman Palanta by Telkom is motivated by the high traffic usage of internet service of West Sumatera people. "To date, there are nearly 19 thousand IndiHome customers in Padang City and about 3,400 customers in Bukittinggi. Meanwhile, in Palanta Park itself, the average internet access user per month reaches 7,653 people with traffic reaching about 3.9 million "said Zulhelfi.

Currently, Telkom has built 18 Wifi Corner (WiCo) locations in West Sumatra. Until the end of 2018, West Sumatra is expected to have a total of 42 WiCo locations. "Hopefully this facility can help the people of Padang City in particular and West Sumatra in general, especially the younger generation, who can take advantage of the existence of digital park positively and use internet access to obtain information updates and various knowledge," said Zulhelfi.

On the same occasion, Mahyeldi Asharullah and Zulhelfi Abidin also reviewed the development of Digital Lounge (DiLo) at Telkom Office of West Sumatra. The presence of DiLo equipped with reliable ICT access and facilities is expected to become a forum for young generation and start-up in Padang City to work and create creative innovation.

In West Sumatra, there are currently about 80 start-ups that are expected to help improve the regional economy in the future and encourage the realization of West Sumatra to become one of the digital-based provinces in Indonesia.

ICT infrastructure development program in two big cities of West Sumatra, is a form of commitment to support digital lifestyle and create the best digital experience for TelkomGroup customers and the community. Through this 100% fiber-optic telecommunication system, Telkom also hopes to boost the regional economy, especially in West Sumatera Province.