Judi Achmadi speaks during the 'IT Implementation Strategies to Maximize Performance and Transformation of SOE Business' seminar in Jakarta on July 3. (Photo courtesy of Telkom)

Telkom Supports Implementation of IT Governance at SOEs

JULY 11, 2018

Jakarta. State Owned Enterprises IT Forum has held a seminar on internet technology management themed "IT Implementation Strategies to Maximize Performance and Transformation of SOE Business" in Jakarta.

"IT governance and the digital platform continues to change businesses, implementation of the IoT [Internet of Things] is now a must," said Imam Bustomi, chairman of the forum, during his opening speech on July 3.

Imam added that the seminar aims to raise awareness of the importance of IT governance, to implement it efficiently and smoothly, and to compete on the global market.

"Four important points in IT governance are OBCE: the operational support system, billing support system, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning," said Judi Achmadi, Telkom's executive vice president of enterprise service.

"As a leading digital telecommunications company in Southeast Asia, Telkom is committed to continuously supporting the implementation of IT governance in SOE environments, so as to continue to provide benefits of effectiveness and efficiency in the business process of the company, as well as good synergy between SOEs," he said.

Among the seminar's speakers were also Association for Information Systems Indonesia president Tony D. Susanto, Bank Mandiri vice president of IT Arief Sunandar, Multimatics project consulting director Dr. Desmond Devendran and several Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) experts from Telkom Telstra and Quint Wellington Redwood.