Herdy Harman and Alexandra Badenoch pose during a Telkom-Telestra meeting in Jakarta on Monday (16/04). (Photo courtesy of Telkom)

Telkom–Telstra Exchange Program Grooms Global Employees

APRIL 20, 2018

Jakarta. Telkom Indonesia completed the Telkom–Telstra Exchange Program with Telstra Corporation on Monday (16/04).

The program was a collaborative effort to improve the qualifications of the companies' employees.

"The exchange program aimed to foster a global mindset in our employees, so they can work in an environment with international standards and capture global opportunities," Telkom human resources director Herdy Harman in a press release on Thursday.

Employees of Telkom and Telstra took part in a three-month exchange, worked together with expert teams from both companies and met with customers, partners and industry specialists. One of the programs focused on the Internet of Things.

"Hopefully this exchange program will bring a positive change in the competences and capabilities of our employees. Those involved are expected to become business accelerators and strengthen the relationship between the two companies," Herdy said.

"Telstra will continue to support, foster and help our employees grow, so that they can succeed in the diverse business environments of the global market," said Alexandra Badenoch, Telstra Group's human resources executive.

The Telkom–Telstra Exchange Program also strengthens the ties between the two companies, which established the TelkomTestra joint venture in 2015 to empower Indonesian companies through an end-to-end managed network, cloud, security and application services.