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Telkom-Telstra JV to Launch Customer Experience Center in Jakarta


SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

Jakarta. Telkomtelstra, a new joint venture between state-owned telco Telekomunikasi Indonesia and Australia's largest telecommunication company Telstra, will launch a customer experience center in Jakarta on Thursday to introduce to potential customers its integrated information, technology and telecommunication system.

According to Phill Sporton, Telkomtelstra president director, the center will offer people the opportunity to experience a day in a life of a person who uses Telkomtelstra's Managed Solutions technology.

“It allows customers to see how Telkomtelstra's offer varies from that of others,” he said. “Say, a manager gets up in the morning, he's able to address problems when he's at home. He gets moving, he manages the issues while he's in the car.”

Telkomtelstra uses cloud-based technology, which it calls Network Applications and Services (NAS), and the company, which begun its operations in May 2015, has the luxury of using Telkom's broad network in Indonesia. This, according to Sporton, allows it to detect problems before they cause trouble for customers.

Managed Solutions according to Sporton is a much more efficient and integrated IT&T solution than conventional products.

"Customers can locate the problem, whether the problem is in the network, in their application or in the data center, so they can transparently look at that," added Sri Safitri, Telkomtelstra's chief marketing officer.